Duffel Travel Bags – A Means For Making Multifaceted Style Statement

  • Oasis_bags
  • March 11, 2015

Duffel travel bags are ones which insist on splurging those extra dollops of style that you very rightly deserve along with stuffing up just the right amount of load with plan. The word ‘Duffel’ is derived from a town in Belgium, where from the original material was used in making these bags in the early 1930’s. Duffel is also referred to denote a carryall made of thick fabric, and also means a particular style of bag. Duffel bags were used by military personnel and also named ‘sea-bags’ when used by sailors.

These bags are used to carry heavy luggage, gym wear, and even documents. Accordingly they come in different styles and sizes offering the end customer to maximize his options. Following are the different types of duffel travel bags:

1) Lightweight Duffels: Lightweight duffel is usually made of light material that is easy to carry and looks sporty. It is not equipped to carry a whole lot of baggage, but assists in prioritizing your travel by carrying inside all the essentials you may need during a short period of stay.

2) Leather variety: The leather ones are useful for people used to making frequent business trips, as it gives them that sharp edge with an elaborate leather covering, enabling one to appear suave, meaning business. These are tough and attractive and come in various colors. Women have the option of choosing their bags specially designed keeping in mind their priorities and personality. There is also a large collection of unisex leather duffel that keeps the right balance in terms of structure and purpose.

3) Rolling ones: This category of bags caters to people who are always on the move, and do not have the strength or patience to carry on the load they bring, apart from their physical self. These bags have a strong and firm handle on the top, along with pockets outside to keep in fancied items of their choice like books, travel tickets, music player, etc. Rolling ones come with wheels which help you to ease through airports and train stations.

4) Expandable Wholesale Duffle Bags: Exploring different continents requires a big purse and a bigger space to tuck in the temptations you have succumbed to buying and that particular souvenir you got yourself while charting down that long road of goodies. For all such extravagance, expandable variety of these carrying bags offers just that much more for safely tucking in your treasured hunts.

To get yourself one of these wont engage much of your priceless time, as numerous online manufacturers of duffel travel bags are waiting to be discovered. So get going, engage in a bulk buying spree and save in the process!

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