Decorating A Plain Handbag: 5 Never-Heard-Before Ideas

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  • October 15, 2023

Every woman in this world wants to own at least one ultra-fashionable designer handbag but then, since they are crazy expensive, it is not possible for some.

Want to grab one but it is out of your budget? Instead of waiting for sales and discounts, or simply saving tons of money to get it, you can think about turning your plain handbag into something that is even better than a designer handbag! If you are a business owner reading this blog and are in search of stunning, superior-quality wholesale handbags, then hurry and immediately place your bulk order from a prominent bag supplier!

As long as you have the right tools and a little knowledge, you can deck up your handbag easily.

Note These 2 Key Points First

  1. You can decorate any type of bag but consider refraining when it comes to an expensive leather bag.
  2. Make sure you have all the supplies within reach before you start. Staying organized is important.

Some Unusual Handbag Decoration Ideas

While you can of course deck up your handbags in any way you like, if you want some innovative ideas, then check out this list given below:

Adding Embellishments

To embellish a handbag, you can use faux jewels such as rhinestones or pearls. Carefully consider the gems you are going to use on your handbag, and then use the right type of adhesive or gem-setting machine to attach them to the bag. If you hand-sew the gems, it will prevent them from falling off the bag. Before doing anything, mark the places where you want them to be. It will eliminate the chance of mistakes later.

Using Jewelry

Get such charms that are particularly made for handbags or you can use a larger bracelet. If you aren’t really keen on either, then another great alternative is chains. You can use these items for the O rings that hold the strap to the bag. You can also use decorative chains along the back of the handbag by simply connecting the two opposite O rings.

Applying Appliques

Consider sticking one or more appliques to the bag with the help of glue. Iron-on appliques can be used on straw bags by using ironing paper between the handbag and the iron. If you are more of a ‘’long and detailed way’’ kind of a person, you can hand-sew appliques onto one.

Hand painting

Go for paints that would not cause any damage to the material used for creating your handbag. Next, use these paints to paint a design or a picture onto the handbag.

Attach Fabrics

With the help of adhesives, attach appropriate fabrics to the bag. You can also sew fabrics onto fabric or straw bags. Carefully fold or hide any of the fabric’s bad edges.

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