6 Types Of Eco-Friendly Laptop Bags To Choose From

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  • November 23, 2015

The benefit of using laptops lies in the fact that they are easily portable. Students, executives and businessmen and any other type of user need a laptop bag to transport their device safely and easily. These days, eco-friendly laptop bags have come to the market and are being used by more and more people. There are girly laptop bags as well as computer bags, backpacks for kids, students,  executives and more – made of environment-friendly materials. Read on and know about 6 of the main types of eco-friendly laptop backpacks to choose from for your newly opened school accessories store from any laptop bag manufacturers .

Hemp bags

These are constructed of hemp, an eco-friendly and long-lasting material. It can reduce your carbon footprint quite easily, and is reusable in nature. The durability and toughness are the two main reasons why this environment-friendly material is chosen by most backpack manufacturers these days.

Cotton Bags

An organic material, it is also possibly the most comfortable among all the eco-friendly material options available for the construction of backpacks for laptop users. This is light in weight and extremely functional. A major advantage of cotton is the fact that it does not give rise to skin irritation or allergies. It is a perfect choice for kids, who have sensitive skin and are more vulnerable to dermal infections.

Paper Bags

Some bags are also made of paper or hard paper boards to be precise, with a moisture-resistant construction. Although these can resist rain water to an extent, they should best be used during warm weather conditions. Getting these wet can compel you keep the bags under the sun for days. However, there are no problems of skin infection or irritation for users.

Bamboo Bags

You must have heard about bamboo laptops, with the chassis being made of bamboo fibers. Now there are also bamboo backpacks to be found. There are even Disney school bags for kids in the market that are constructed of such material, which is able to lower your carbon footprint to a minimum.

Recycled plastic

It is another excellent choice for making laptop backpacks, and proves to be highly durable. These bags can withstand daily wear and tear quite well, and are durable in nature. The material is renewable and can be recycled very easily.

Wood cork

It is another popular material for the construction of laptop bags. Wood cork is free of toxic materials and does not come with any hazards, either for the environment or the health of users.

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