5 Types Of Bags You Should Keep In Your Store

  • Oasis_bags
  • October 14, 2015

Bags are a necessity, and although they have changed from ancient times in styles, designs, colors and shapes, they are still in use. At one time, sacks of varied shapes and cloth bags were the only bags that were used for carrying stuffs. These days, however, you can get varied types of bags – each for a different purpose. Based on their purpose, here are 5 types of wholesale bags that you need to buy and keep in stock for your bags and accessories store.

Laptop bags

Perhaps one of the most popular types of bags of present times, you can spot these on at least 3 out of 10 people on the road. These are mainly designed for safe transportation of laptops. These also come with a number of compartments and small pockets, which can help users to also store related objects such as pen, USB drive, mouse, CDs etc as well as papers, documents and small books.

School bags

Call them famous or infamous, they are still around although these are now available with a wide range of features to help ease the load of carrying books to school. Whether you are buying Harry Potter or Disney school bags for kids, ensure that they come with padded straps, inner cushioning, moisture-wicking material and separate storage compartments to help kids and slightly older lot carry their academic stuffs easily, without straining their back or shoulder.

Messenger bags

These are used to carry various types of objects, whether books, letters, files or more. You can generally find these with a long strap and a big rectangular pouch. This type of bag is usually made of leather or canvas, and is casual in appearance. These are often used by office messengers or students. There is also the newsboy bag, which looks just like the messenger bag, which is constructed of canvas and is usually available in earth tones.

Tote bags

These are a favorite of women and are ideal for short trips. These are available in varied colors, designs, patterns and styles and can fit almost any item that women need for the day, whether lunchboxes, cosmetics, extra pair of dresses or more.

Duffel bags

Such types of bags faithfully serve travelers, and foods, toiletries, shoes, clothes and varied items can easily fit into them. You can get these in varied sizes, and are ideal for a 4-day trip. These have a capacity to handle many items.

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