5 Coolest Backpack Types That Are a Favorite of Fashion-Conscious People Worldwide

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  • May 30, 2023

From school to college to work to many other places, a backpack can be carried almost everywhere. And why not? It has always been an iconic, staple item. If you have been a fixed-style lover but now thinking of giving the backpack a try, then know this— there are different types among wholesale backpacks to choose from.

Want to know about the 5 most popular kinds? Continue reading.

Standard Backpacks— the Simplest Ones

A standard backpack is the simplest one. Almost everyone in the world is familiar with this type and you might have seen it already. This backpack type is immensely versatile and can be used for different events and occasions. It is perfect as a day-to-day carrier and is best for light travel and school. Such a backpack style usually features one main compartment, a small compartment, and a pocket in the front.

Hydration Backpacks— for the Bold and Adventurous

If you love outdoor adventures then hydration backpacks are the best. Whether you are going for a run, cycling, or hiking, this type is a light, easy, and hands-free solution. To offer you easy drinking access, a portable water pouch is built inside these backpacks to store your water. A hydration backpack also comes with other compartments and pockets to safely store your other belongings.

Skate Backpacks— for the Skater Crowd

Mainly crafted for skaters, this style can perfectly fit your skateboard. The bag, coming with two front adjustable straps, can easily hold your board in place until you are all set to ride. A skate backpack displays one main compartment, small front pockets, and an extra side pocket, thus making it perfect for carrying all the essential sports items and beverages.

Practical Backpacks— Coming With Better Features

A practical backpack is actually quite similar to the standard one but comes with more features. This type includes more compartments and lots of pockets. Usually large in size, these bags can carry heavy items such as travel gear. Not only for travel but you can use this type for various other purposes.

Rolling Backpacks— Offering the Best of Both Worlds

If you love the compartment options and versatility of a practical backpack but want to go for something that you can easily haul around then rolling backpacks are the best. You can conveniently carry a heavy load without any strain on your shoulders.You can either use it as a roller or you can carry it on your back if you wish. A rolling backpack is an ideal alternative for a suitcase with its large and spacious compartments.

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