4 Tips To Wholesale In-Trend Bags At Affordable Price

  • Oasis_bags
  • June 16, 2018

Demand for bags never run out of steam. No wonder, there are seamless varieties available in the market. For the gym, for office, for travelling, for shopping, and so much more—there’s a variety for every purpose. So, if you own a retail or wholesale business that deals in bags, you can expect seamless growth and sustainability. However, that being said, out of big demand, business success doesn’t come off as guaranteed. Much like any profitable venture, you must be smart.

Now let’s get straight to the point. Here are 4 tips to wholesale in-trend bags at affordable pricing:

1) Find a good manufacturer

This goes without saying—finding yourself a trusted bag manufacturer in USA is the core aspect of your business. The better your supplier, the more sales you will make. So, the first step here is to find a nice manufacturer who not only offers superior quality products but also someone who stays at the top of its game by continuously updating its collection.

2) Keep an eye on celebrities

Every trend begins with a celebrity. So, the natural way to have the latest bags in your warehouse is to keep an eye on A-listers. See what kind of bags they are carrying around, what varieties are becoming more popular and which ones are more in demand. Follow them on social media and magazines and you will automatically be updated with the new trends.

3) Price it thoughtfully

Just wholesaling the collection at cheap price won’t make you more profitable. You need to price these bags very strategically to strike a perfect balance between your sales performance and profit margin. Deploy the right discounting strategies. Know how to effectively use price to boost sales and retain customers.

4) Listen to customers intently

Your customers want to buy latest bags. Meaning, they likely know very much about trends. So the easiest way to have the best of stocks that your customers are more likely to buy is to listen to them and their unique requirements in the first place. See what color they prefer, what varieties they want; do they want a clutch purse or a chic shoulder purse; are they looking for a single-zip backpack or multi-functional traveling backpack. Find answers to such questions, know what the buyers want the most and then adjust your collection accordingly.

These are 4 simple tips on purchasing in-trend bags bulk at an affordable price. Now go ahead, buy it and give your customers more than one thing to love you.

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