4 Cute Diy Ways to Decorate a Plain Gift Bag

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  • December 22, 2023

Of course, by wrapping a gift, you can give it your own loving touch, but who says that the same is not possible when using a gift bag? By buying the plain ones out of gift bags wholesale from the market and using these DIY gift bag ideas, you can call them your own unique creation:

No. 1 – Little Bow Bags

The materials you need:

  • Black felt-tip marker
  • Small, colorful gift bags

How to do it:

On the front of the gift bags, draw different kinds of bows and ties. You can get creative and draw various styles on the bags. The more unique they look, the larger your satisfaction will be at the end. For a festive ribbon look, you can use metallic paint pens, as they will help the bags stand out among the rest.

No. 2 – Washi Tape and Ribbon Bag

The materials you need:

  • Light-colored gift bag
  • Blank gift tag
  • Thin ribbon
  • Washi tape

How to do it:

Gently wrap one washi tape strip vertically around the bag’s center. Next, wrap the ribbon around the bag, down the washi tape’s center. To fasten the bag shut, tie a bow at the top. As the finishing touch, attach the gift tag to the front.

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No. 3 – Candy Stripe Bag

The materials you need:

  • Spray paint in a metallic color
  • Any solid-colored paper bag
  • Repositionable adhesive spray
  • A branch of pine

How to do it:

Using a repositionable adhesive spray, spray the branch. Onto the gift bag, place the sticky side of the branch. Place the bottom of the stem in one corner and then lay the branch of pine diagonally. Next, spray the whole bag using the metallic spray paint and once it dries, carefully peel away the branch.

No. 4 – Sequins Bag

The materials you need:

  • A plain paper gift bag
  • Sequins (of any color you like)
  • Craft glue

How to do it:

Starting from the center to the bottom, cover the paper gift bag with sequins. Use craft glue. Leave it to dry for around an hour or so and your sequin gift bag will be ready to use. It may not be the simple one on the list but the end result will surely leave a huge smile on your face.

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