Ultimate Guide to Styling with Men’s Messenger Bags

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  • September 6, 2021

Are you into functional and sophisticated messenger bags? Then, here’s good news for you. We’ve compiled few styling tips for you guys to select and carry classic messenger bags with ultimate coolness. If you are a business owner on the search for messenger bags, do connect with a well-established bag manufacturer, also recognized as one of the famous wholesale handbag distributors. The massive bags inventory of such a manufacturing unit will include fashionable handbags, messenger bags, travel duffel bags, cooler bags, and more.

All About Messenger Bag Colors and Materials

Leather is the classic choice for messenger bags as well as other men’s bags and accessories due to its rugged yet refined look. If you select a leather messenger bag, go for a color that matches with your other leather accessories like shoes, belt, and watch. For instance, if your shoes and belt are composed of brown leather, opt for a leather messenger bag in brown shade.

Below are some styling recommendations for your purchase.

  • Stick to One Color

Find out which color you wear most frequently and then buy a leather bag that matches that hue. If you wear black shoes most of the time, you can safely invest in a quality black leather messenger bag.

  • Go for Both Black and Brown, if Possible

This is a costlier option but trust us, nothing’s more fashion-appropriate than having both black and brown leather bags. You can choose whichever looks befitting with your attire to make its sharp display stand out.

  • Grey can be your Choice Too

If you’re bored of black and brown trends, a grey messenger bag can add freshness to your look. But for the grey tone, you can choose canvas material instead of leather. A grey bag can be an exceptionally versatile option as you can pair it with almost everything. If rugged refinement is what you’re looking for, then of course leather bags should be the choice to stick to.

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How to Pair Messenger Bags with Suits?

It’s quite an art to wear your messenger bag with a suit. For this match-up, it’s definitely commendable that you choose a leather messenger bag instead of canvas or any other fabric. As messenger bags are a bit less formal than briefcases, try choosing a more refined messenger variety that looks elegant with the suit’s sophistication. Make sure to carry the bag on your shoulder instead of crossing it over your chest as it can spoil your suit’s texture.

Being a retailer on the lookout for messenger bags, you must connect with a top-notch bag manufacturer, equally notable as one of the promising wholesale fashion handbags suppliers. Such collaboration can enable you to stash up classy messenger bags of premium quality that showcase fashion and functionality.

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