Trendy Totes That You Should Include In Your Capsule Accessory Collection

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  • September 29, 2019

If there one bag that will never disappoint you then it definitely has to be the super spacious and trendy tote bags. With the emergence of sleek and stylish bags in the fashion scene, the good old totes have somewhat taken a backseat.

However if you have a keen eye for comfort then you should definitely opt for trendy totes that are incorporated with unique aesthetics that are perfect for daily use. In fact one of the popular wholesale bag manufacturers have come up with a unique collection you can definitely have a look at.

Animal Love

If you have a penchant for animal printed accessories, then you should definitely opt for the leopard printed tote bag. It is one of the iconic pieces you can style with your daily work wear outfit. The tan brown straps adds a classic vibe to the outfit without weighing down the original aesthetic. You can even style the bag with monochromatic outfits as it adds the pop of print to the attire.

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Pastel Galore

The pastel colors have recently created a lot of buzz in the industry. You can find these spring shades in workout outfits, shoes and even bags. Hence, for the lovers of pastels, you can simply opt for a classic mint green tote bag with chocolate brown and white embroidery pattern. This bag also consists of a large strap so that you can use it as a satchel bag as well.

Monochromatic Tote Bags

The beauty of monochromatic tote bags is that these are super versatile in nature hence can be styled with different types of outfits. For example, a black tote bag will look excellent with a blingy maxi dress especially if you’re opting for a glam night look. Stick to leather bags as it these add the timeless aesthetic to the outfits. You can even play around with light shades like camel brown, ivory white etc as it will definitely complement the dark winter outfits.

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Business owners who wish to include trendy tote bags, grocery bags wholesale, etc in their store can get in touch with one of the popular manufacturers. All you need to do is have a look through the large collection of clothing, select the required pieces and state the bulk needs to the help team.

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