Top Seven Features Women Look for in Their Summer Travel Bags

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  • July 9, 2024

Summer is the perfect time for travel and adventure. It is the season when travel enthusiast women need the perfect travel bag for their journeys. Whether you own a retail accessory store or a private label clothing accessory store, you can be assured of good business with women’s travel bags having the right features. Here are the top 7 features that women look for in their summer travel bags. Ensure the presence of these features in the travel bags you order in bulk for your store for travel-loving women.

Waterproof Fabric

Waterproof fabric is one of the most important features women look for in their summer travel bags. Summer vacations often involve visits to beaches, lakes, or poolside destinations. In these areas, bags can be exposed to water or damp conditions.

Women need travel bags made from waterproof fabric, to keep their belongings dry and protected, no matter what their destination is. Look for travel bags made from materials like nylon or coated polyester, which boast of excellent water resistance. That way, your customers can enjoy their summer adventures worry-free.

Vibrant Feminine Colors

Summer is a season of vibrancy and energy, and women love travel bags that reflect this spirit. Try to order and offer travel bags in vibrant feminine colors. These are sure to catch the attention of your customers. From pastel pinks to bright oranges and vibrant yellows, choose a range of colors that appeal to different tastes and styles.

Keep in mind that women want their travel bags to be functional as well as make a fashion statement. When they get to choose from a variety of colorful options, they can satisfy their desire for style and self-expression.

Polyester Outer Surface, for a Shiny Appearance

A shiny appearance adds a touch of glamour to any travel bag. Women love the look of a polyester outer surface. Polyester is durable and also lends a sleek, glossy appearance to travel bags. The shiny finish adds a luxurious touch that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the travel bag. Order travel bags with a polyester outer surface, to offer a combination of durability and style to your customers.

Strong, Well-padded Handles

Comfort and convenience are essential factors to look for while choosing a travel bag. Women look for bags with strong, well-padded handles that allow convenience while carrying, even when the bag is filled to capacity. The handles should be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the bag and provide a comfortable grip.

Well-padded handles distribute the weight evenly, reducing strain on the hands and shoulders. With travel bags having strong, well-padded handles, your female customers can carry their belongings comfortably, wherever they go.

Sizable Number of Zip Closure Pockets

Women love to stay organized during their travel. They prefer travel bags with a sizable number of zip closure pockets. These help them to categorize, store and easily access their essentials – such as passports, wallets, smartphones, and other small items, whenever needed.

Look for travel bags with zip pockets of various sizes, both inside and outside, to accommodate different items. These can help women organize their stuffs as well as avoid the frustration of losing precious time and energy in digging through a cluttered bag.

Sturdy Buckles and Zippers

Safety of their belongings is a key consideration for women. Women look for the presence of sturdy buckles and zippers in their travel bags, which ensure secure closure and safety of personal stuffs during travel.

Sturdy buckles and zippers also withstand the wear and tear of frequent use, ensuring that the bag lasts for multiple trips. Try to offer travel bags with reliable closures. You can provide your female customers with peace of mind and a sense of security for their belongings.

Long Sling Belt

Women appreciate bags with multiple carrying options. Including a long sling belt with adjustable length allows them to carry their bag as a crossbody or shoulder bag, ensuring hands-free convenience. This is a particularly useful feature while walking through crowded airports or busy streets during summer adventures. Travel bags with a long sling belt let your customers enjoy the freedom to choose how they want to carry their bag, adding to the overall functionality and usability.

Summer is a time for travel to nice destinations, and women love to do it in style, with functionality, convenience and comfort. Enhance the travel experiences of your customers and ensure excellent sales for your retail accessory store or private label accessory store with women’s travel bags that come with all these excellent features. Get in touch with a top-rated travel bag manufacturer in USA and order in bulk.


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