The latest trends of handbags for women

  • Oasis_bags
  • February 23, 2016

For ladies, handbags speak louder than words! Just like the clothing and apparel industry is getting transformed every day, the accessories like shoes and bags are witnessing no less. With celeb inspirations and run way trends, the fresh new designs of handbags crafted by the top-notch handbag manufacturers USA companies are breathing a fusion of timelessness and novelty with both contemporary and classic nuances incorporated in a balanced way.

Need ideas on the latest trends to include in your shopping list ? Here you go.

Smart boxes (we mean , bags!) :

If you remember, is there any single silhouette or shape which ruled hand bags for a long time? No, right? Thus, this season too this has gone through a transformation, and you will be forced to go for something square . Be it a hard case or soft fabricated one, box-shapes bags are definitely the new cool , rendering a cutting-edge to your overall party look!

Slip through them :

The handles of handbags often cause a lot of inconvenience , hence the global designers have brought in a new variety of easy -to-carry handbags for women with slip in straps in a wide array of shapes and styles , quite more practical to use every day or occasionally. They have enough width to slip in your wrist , and these have already been spotted at the runway shows.

 Fluffy furs :

Another rising trend making headline this season is the bags who have fluffy textures for being adorned with plush colored furs. Not just colors, they also reflect funky and zesty patterns and prints for a charmer stance.

Chained straps :

Gone are the days when the straps of the handbags used to look and feel boring and monotonous with same metallic finishing or leather touch. Breaking this drab and banal feature , comes the handbags attached with over sized chains as straps, for a funky and peppy finesse. These exhibit a bold and loud fashion statement.

Trimmed with crisp fringes :

The style of fringes in fashion and accessory which ruled the fashion scene of 70’s , is one again back with a bang. Not just outfits, even bags are seen sporting them , from full fringes to fringed tassels, for the utmost uber-chic appeal.

 Go all matching-matching :

Once apparently wearing clothes and accessories in matching colors or prints used to be regarded as serious fashion crimes. But with changing times, the trend today says about just not matching the basic designs, but also the fabric and the texture for the ultimate dash of panache.

Animal prints :

Exotic prints on the handbags have always been a classic style quotient. This has a little twist added , which says about ladies handbags having spunky animal prints , especially the rich snake skin prints , from neutral hues to vibrant tonal shades.

Sassy saddles :

Another vintage product, saddles are back to render a mist-magic solution to your wardrobe. Settle down for the ones made of shiny leather or suede in dark and subdued shades.

 Bucket list?

These days, a sophisticated yet cool style of handbags is seen in terms of bucket bags, equipped with drawstrings, in perforated fabrics or leather finishing.

Retailers can check onto the exquisite stocks of Oasis Handbag wholesale company’s catalogues to spruce up their stocks with designers items. Thus, keep calm and love handbags!

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