Swoon-worthy Handbags from Some Iconic Movies

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  • August 3, 2022

Iconic movies have a lasting impact on their audiences. They will forever be cherished for the incredible performances by some of the finest actors in the industry. However, what’s more interesting is that these movies also give us a glimpse of some of the most fashionable clothing and accessory choices.


Top 5 Swoon-worthy Handbags from Some Iconic Movies

The actors woo us with their incredible looks and make us crave their fashionable clothes and accessories to jazz up our dull wardrobes. However, what particularly interests us, are the swoon-worthy bags that appear in these movies. They are still valid, useful, and fashionable. So, if you are anything like us and want to know which five stylish handbags from iconic movies to lay your hands on the next time you go splurging, keep reading this informative piece we penned down, just for you!


Get the White Structured Handbag from Devil Wears Prada

Miranda's white structured handbag from devil wears prada

The movie Devil Wears Prada is every fashionista and fashionista-in-the-making’s dream movie. Naturally, there is not a single dull moment for fashion in the movie, at least after Anne Hathaway decides she wants to fully immerse herself and take her job as the new assistant seriously.

The movie boasts of several swoon-worthy handbags and shoulder bags. Yes, we love them all! However, we particularly heart Miranda’s white structured handbag with its short handles in the same texture and a swaying tassel-like accent which she sports during her first appearance in the movie.

If you are anything like us, you are googling this bag right now!


The Beaded Handbag that Lets Mrs. Smith Escape

Beaded Handbag that Lets Mrs. Smith Escape

Perhaps the most heart-thumping bag in this series is the beaded handbag from Mr. and Mrs. Smith, that allows Angelina Jolie to escape from a building and flee in a taxi afterward. This beautiful bag with two metal hoops as handles is still gorgeous to watch and even though you might not need it as an escape accessory, you can totally use a similar beaded bag to channel your inner fashionista while carrying your precious baggage along. Plus, metal accents are incredibly popular this year!

So, make good use of this current trend and get yourself a similar handbag from this iconic movie to flaunt on your next night out!


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Marry Poppin’s Incredible Carpet Bag is too Useful to Miss

Marry Poppin’s Incredible Carpet Bag

Both the geometric and floral versions of the carpet bag that make their appearances in the movies Mary Poppins Returns and Mary Poppins, respectively, are two versions of the famous carpet bags of the 1800s. These incredibly spacious and durable bags sound like the grandmother of today’s totes and were originally not as desirable until the original Mary Poppins film hit the movie halls in 1964.

This practical bag is a boon to the fashionistas who want their bag to not only look great but be incredibly useful too!


Elle’s Cherry-colored Handbag is Every Girl’s Dream

Elle’s Cherry Handbag from Legally Blonde


Although the color pink might be synonymous with Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, the cherry-colored bag that she carries her dog, Bruiser in and uses to spice up her rather dull outfits, is definitely a showstopper.

Apart from being bold, this bag is also practical, spacious, and incredibly versatile. Since we totally love Elle, this bag is a must-have on our shopping list!


Bags that Adorn Vivian’s Glamorous Wardrobe After She Meets Edward

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman, perhaps is the poster child of ‘girl meets rich boy who changes her life forever’ storyline, technically a fairytale set in a modern city. Although we do not know whether that is even possible in real life, what we do know is we love Vivian’s updated wardrobe and particularly heart her clutches and fashionable handbags.

Our mighty favorite is the one she carries under her arm when she visits the same shop which had turned her down the previous day. “Big Mistake,” she says and walks away.

If you are drooling over this list of gorgeous handbags from iconic movies, we hope you take that as a cue to update your wardrobe with some of these stylish bags and add a bit of glam to your outfits. So, what are you waiting for? Break free from the couch and shop some of these swoon-worthy bags now! This goes to all the business owners and bulk buyers out there– if you want to stock some of these iconic bags in your store, then get in touch with a reputed customized bag manufacturer to place your bulk order. Or, you can become a distributor with us!

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