School bags for kids- Is it time to move on from the Disney-inspired bags?

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  • May 23, 2016

Disney school bags for kids have often been accredited as ‘never go out of demand’. While this is an impeccable fact while we trace back to the history of this bag’s popularity, with options galore to pamper the little ones, why not be ready with some amazing new stock? Now before you jump on to any conclusion, let’s get something straight. Disney-inspired school bags are still very much in demand, and if your business deals in bags, you should definitely wholesale them. But with top bag manufacturer in usa offering so many new amazing types and varieties- why not explore, analyze the buying psyche of the doting parents?

Stereotypes work: Sticking to the good old charm of Disney bags

Like mentioned, Disney school bags for kids are always scaling the popularity chart, and you, as a business owner of bags can pick common varieties and wholesale those as these bags are never fading out! Place bulk order of bags with graphics of the popular and well-known Disney characters; which would be Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and few others.

Looking for alternatives- top bag manufacturers offer many custom varieties

Lately top bag manufacturers are offering many new and fresh types of bags in plenty of custom varieties and that too at a very affordable price range. But before you worry about picking Disney-alternative school bags, worry about picking one such good bag manufacturer. After you have picked the right wholesaler, here are few of the popular selection of school bags that you should go for-

• No-graphic bags

That’s right; plain, simple and graphic-free kids’ school bags are very much in demand today. Maybe the kids are over all the colourful varieties, maybe parents are; who knows. Just wholesale these simple looking bags.

• Superhero-inspired bags

Batman, Superman and Captain America inspired school bags has always been very popular among the kids. But recently, top manufacturers have introduced many new superheroes in their collection and they are just as good and appealing to the kids; from Iron Man and Hulk to Wolverine and more.

• Other cartoon characters

Unsurprisingly, cartoon world is more than just about Disney characters. Tom and Jerry are the all the time favourites, while Scooby Doo’s crew and Johnny Bravo are just as popular and loved. School bags with these characters on already appeal the kids. You should definitely wholesale them.

These are the three alternative varieties of Disney school bags for kids that are very popular in the market. You should bulk them up for sure. Even when you don’t find such varieties in the collection of bag manufacturer in usa, you can easily design and order a custom-made wholesale, provided your manufacturer offer personalization option in the first place.

So next time when you’re out shopping for bags bulk, do purchase Disney inspired school bags in bulks, but also look at the other just as appealing alternatives.


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