Say Bye To The Cosmetic Bag Clutter With These Effective Cleaning And Organizing Tips

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  • January 4, 2023

Nothing can feel more irritating than finding a particular makeup product in a dirty, unorganized cosmetic bag when you are getting late for an event. It just kills your excitement. Moreover, it destroys that expensive, top-quality bag from a famed cosmetic bag manufacturer USA slowly. If you are someone who is looking for easy ways to clean and organize your cosmetic bag then here are some tips given below:

Checking The Inventory

First things first, know what’s inside your makeup bag. It might be surprising to see what products have been there underneath the huge mess. Dump it all out and check what you use and what you don’t. Anything that’s not used by you should be discarded or recycled to keep the clutter to a minimum.

Look For The Already-Expired Products

Yes, it can be some temptation to hold on to your favorite foundation or mascara, however, it’s essential to make sure that the product you are using isn’t expired. Always use the product till the time it’s suggested on the packaging of the item. If you aren’t sure when to throw away your makeup then check for discoloration, separation, and foul smells in them. Know this, it’s time to get rid of an item if you spot any of these.

A Different Arrangement For The Sponges And Brushes

Keeping every makeup product in a single cosmetic bag creates a huge mess. Are you the type to do that? Like putting together lipsticks, liners, and foundation along with the brushes and sponges. Don’t, as spillage and leakage are inevitable and that’s what makes your tools dirty. Moreover, it can be extremely unhygienic. Get a separate pouch bag and put all your brushes and sponges inside it.

Clean The Makeup Products

When you are done deciding which products are useful and what you will be using and which items are of no use, clean the products and put them back inside the bag. For cleaning, use a damp cloth soaked with water, or get a good water-based cleanser. Wipe them clean, removing the gunk like spilled nail paint, smeared mascara, dripping foundation, etc.

Clean The Cosmetic Bag

It’s highly likely that the inside of your makeup bag is stained and full of debris. Hold the bag upside down and get rid of the debris first. If your cosmetic bag is made up of plastic then turn it inside out and use a makeup remover to wipe it clean and if you are using a cloth makeup bag then clean it using hot water. This will get rid of the bacteria in no time.

Use Small Bags Within Your Bag

If you are someone who prefers carrying a bit larger cosmetic bag then organize all your products in smaller bags as in this way, it will be a lot easier for you to find them. Additionally, this will also protect your makeup bag from accidental spills and will help you to keep your bag clean for a long period of time. A tip would be to organize all your eye products together, lip products together, and face products together.

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