Laptop Bags Market Has Changed- And So Should You With Your Wholesale Stock

  • Oasis_bags
  • March 1, 2016

Years back, laptop would cost hundreds of dollars and only the selected professionals and adults owned it. This was a good reason in itself for small businesses to purchase and stock only the standard laptop bags wholesale– mostly the black leather ones with a maximum of 3 compartments.

But things have changed today. Laptops have become an adoring gadget, owned by nearly every teenage and young student. And apparently these young users are not all smiles about the old-outdated varieties of laptop bags. Their demands in this department are new, different, and might we say, a bit bold. This brings up the need for you to contact laptop bags suppliers who are well adept to this change in the market and offer bulk accordingly.

• The first pointer to remember here is to shift your target customer focus. Unlike years back, it is with younger population that big return lies.

Laptop backpacks or messenger bags

Laptop bags basically comes in two standard types- laptop backpacks and laptop messenger bags. While the messenger bags are like old-school with more professional and sophisticated look, backpacks are new, stylish and trendy. The demand of both of these is more or less equal.

Which one’s wholesale should you stock extensively largely depends on your target customers’ preferences. If they are school or college going, laptop backpacks are more suitable since they are more stylish, while for the office goers, messenger bag suits best for their its professional feel. Also, backpacks have comparatively more space. If your customers want to store much more in their laptop bags, offering them this variety is more suitable.

Aside from this, you also need to be perceptive of different demands and preferences of female and male consumers.

• The second pointer here is to be perceptive of the different preferences of your various categories of potential customers- like women and men. Do they want laptop backpacks or messenger bags?

Going bold when customizing

Assumingly your foremost target customers are the younger population; you shouldn’t sigh away from bagging bold and colorful wholesale. And even if you can’t find such varieties, top laptop bags suppliers offer quick and easy customization option; you can easily customize your bulk to what you have in your mind.

When customizing, give equal priorities to other light colors as the traditional black; blood red, rosy pink, beige, grey, and olive green are all very popular choices. Also play with patterns, designs, or texts. Oriental and floral patterns speaks well of elegance and class, while graphic of cartoons and quirky texts are very trendy.

• The third pointer here is to customize your laptop bags wholesale with more boldness- considering that younger population is looking for stylish pieces that can outstanding from the crowd.

At last, one important thing to remember is regardless what kind of laptop bags bulk you are purchasing- and for whomever- the bags needs to be light and of high quality, with water repelling properties.

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