Happy School Hours with Disney School Bags

  • Oasis_bags
  • March 9, 2016

These days kids are a big fan a of school accessories. Be it a roomy pencil box, water bottles or school bags. Different kinds of backpacks including the Disney school bags are arriving to the market that have a high sales figure. But apart from the branded or existing products, the wholesale items are also doing remarkably well, let’s find out!

Demand and Supply

In the last decade the animation industry has gone through a revolution. The popular animation films and shows have branded their protagonists and its merchandises are the most sought-after stuffs among children. And why only animation? Characters from online and PC games are also winning the little hearts.
Now, as the market picture suggests the branded school bags with cartoon or gaming characters are way costly to be afforded by general mass. And the non-branded stuffs that we come across every now and then at stores are not up to the mark. Those get damaged just within few days of use.

Wholesalers to the Rescue

It seems wholesalers have turn out to be heroes of this account. They are offering cartoon character school bags which are highly durable and reasonable at the same time. These school backpack manufacturers have recently launched a great collection on Disney theme. Let’s check them out.

• Disney Dolphin School Backpack

Let your child carry the school stationary in this so cool Dolphin bag. The aqua themed backpack with a cute Dolphin face smiling on it is a very good choice to start a day.

• The Frozen Ladies

Disney’s musical hit Frozen is now on school bags. The Frozen sisters are like inspiration to the girls, get your little princess one!

• Forever Mickey Mouse

Although the new age figures like Chhota Bheem, Nobita are stealing the scene, the magic of Mickey is still so fresh. Many parents who themselves are big fans of Mickey Mouse will go with this backpack.

• Barbie Beauty

The Barbie craze is not over yet. If your girl likes dolls then the Barbie school bag will be so much perfect for her.

More Surprises

The wholesaling Disney school bags are now also available with the Pixar car theme, for the car crazy brats; Sophie Princess and more. But don’t be upset if these are not exactly what you look for your kids. We also have the superhero bags like Batman, Spider-man, Iron-man, Captain America for your action loving lad. Go for Angry Birds if your kid is a game freak. Also, go get the pretty pencil pouches to offer your child a complete package.

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