Different Shapes of Sleeping Bags- Which One Do you Want?

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  • December 14, 2015

Sleeping bags are a must-have when you are going out for camping. From mountains to deserts they remain as your best companion throughout your adventure trip. These bags are not only convenient for their ample space to carry all essential objects safely but also for acting as a cushion to sleep on. Keeping different factors in mind from their usability to durability, many online bag manufacturers have come up with latest options to make your trip a safe and enjoyable one. However, if you are venturing out for the first time and know very little about the bag you need to buy from the different shapes available in the market, then here you can go through the following points.

Different shapes of sleeping bags


There are various types of sleeping bags which are available at reasonable prices in the online hub of the bags manufacturers. But the shape that you will choose depends solely on the climate of the place that you are going for the campaign as well as the former’s usability.

Rectangular shaped

The rectangular shaped bags are most preferred for the warm climate as they do not absorb heat well. The main USP of this stuff is that you can open the entire bag , when the temperature falls a few degrees at night and treat it as a blanket or comforter. However, it is also because of its rectangular shape that it does not serve well in long hikes.

Mummy shaped

Having a hood as well as a taper, these work better in retaining heat than the rectangular shaped ones. So this can make for a better companion in the cold climate by lending you some warmth retained within the inner shell of the bag. This is the reason why mummy shape bags have become popular with hikers and campers.

Now if you are a retailer, interested in purchasing these stuffs, you can contact one of the wholesale sleeping bags suppliers and check out their variations before placing your order in advance.

Barrel shaped

Unlike the mummy shaped ones, these do not come with hoods and thus they are unable to give as much warmth as the former ones can provide you with.

Those retailers and business merchants who specialize in these camping bags can cater to the needs of hikers and campers by refreshing their stocks from reputed wholesale sleeping bags suppliers who provide special discounts on bulk buying.

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