An Essential Purse Guide to Restructuring your Closet

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  • July 5, 2021

Purses, sometimes known as handbags, are private label bags used to transport phones, wallets, money, and other everyday necessities. Purses frequently include a handle or long strap that may be slung over your shoulder or held in your hand. Handbags can be used to transport personal belongings or to make a fashion statement. Some bags include internal or external compartments that button or zip to keep things like money, keys, or lip balm secure.

Previously, the term “purse” only referred to small purses meant to hold currency, but it is now frequently used interchangeably with “handbag,” which generally refers to more oversized bags designed to carry everyday things. Purses come in various materials and forms, such as tote bags, belt bags, casual backpacks, messenger bags, and satchels.

Here are some of the most popular handbag styles, as well as the dress codes that they match well with:


A wristlet resembles a clutch in look since it is a thin, small, rectangular purse that can only contain a few credit cards, a phone, and a small wallet. On the other hand, a wristlet comes with a wrist strap that allows the wearer to retain the wristlet linked to their arm even when not holding it like a clutch. Wristlets are ideal for date evenings as well as black- or white-tie events.

Slouchy Bag:

A slouchy bag is an open, unstructured bag with two carrying handles. Slouchy bags are frequently available in large sizes to accommodate a wide range of things. These huge bags are ideal for casual or business casual wear; they are typically too large and unstructured for evenings out or formal business dress.

Messenger Bag:

A messenger bag is a rectangle bag with a flap that fastens over the top and a long shoulder strap worn over one shoulder or across the body. This bag was created for couriers to use in carrying large items, but it has since become an essential accessory in a casual setting. Messenger bags are ideal for everyday business situations.

Drawstring Bag:

A drawstring bag is a sort of casual bag made of nylon or fabric with a drawstring closure at the top, an unstructured inside, and straps that may be slung over your shoulders for transportation. These bags are ideal for running errands and general day-to-day use.

drawstring bag

Business owners can get a wide range of purses for their store; all they need to do is contact a reputed private label bags manufacturer.

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