A Guideline Of Packing Tips For The Solo Woman Traveler

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  • August 18, 2018

One of the most annoying thing for a woman who travels solo is to figure out how to travel light without going overboard in the packing list and meet the weight restrictions at the airport. Not everyone can ace the art of packing lightly and efficiently for any kind of trip hence, this blog is written to provide such undeceive girls with a guideline regarding what kind of bag they should pack for a trip and the important things they can carry for so. The concept of traveling solo is empowering and fun but to be safe a woman also has to keep in mind the correct things that they should carry for a comfortable trip.

Wear layers and convertible clothes

Always avoid wearing uncomfortable clothes while traveling. You don’t have to create a fashion statement by wearing fashionable clothes but stay classy and chic with a pair of comfortable outfit. Plus make sure not to attract unwanted attention with your clothing choice, the idea is to gel well with the local crowd hence chose the apparel accordingly.

Take a backpack as a carry on and a tote bag

Instead of carrying a large suitcase (unless it’s a long trip), always opt for a carry on backpack as it is easier to carry and a lot more mobile than a suitcase. If you carry one of this, you’ll be rarely asked to weigh it which is a plus compared to a suitcase. Also keep a small canvas tote rolled up at the side of your backpack so that you can keep the things that are required in the journey, in it.

Extra bags( plastic & drawstring)

Have at least a few plastic and drawstring bag tucked in your backpack for emergency usages. In fact put all the toiletries in the zip lock bag to prevent leak damages. Also you can keep soled shoes and underwear in separate drawstring bags as well.

Hide money in the backpack

It is very important to keep the money safe while traveling knowing the fact that there are chances of you getting pick-pocketed. Keep only the necessary amount in your wallet and the rest hidden safely in your backpack. This way you’re safe with the cash and prevent the loss of any money.

Much needed portable charger

A woman’s life revolves around her phone, especially when she is traveling because all the essential info is stored in this like, maps, directions to hotels, flight info etc. Therefore it is important to the phone charged all the time.

Blanket sized scarf

A blanket sized scarf is like a blessing in disguise especially when the in-flight air conditioner is cooler, or the weather gets cold. During these situations this scarf will definitely come in handy.

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