5 Features in Backpacks That You Should Be Looking For

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  • December 14, 2017

You love backpacks! So does every other soul on this planet. Why? Because it is the most efficient form of bag that one can have. However, what features make a backpack a good backpack? Here is a list to refer to for it mentions five features that every backpack should have. Keep reading before you invest.

Wide padded straps:

Backpacks are used to the utmost of their capability. We tend to stuff them because they come with enough space for all essential belongings. But if the straps aren’t right, no matter how much space it has, you won’t be able to carry it. Thus, backpacks (and read it means all backpacks) should come with wide straps that carry extra padding so as to provide comfort to your shoulders. Thin straps can also cut through the skin. Hence, wide straps are up for the win! Reputed bag manufacturer in USA uses innovative designs for the straps to make them NOT look tacky.

Lots and lots of compartments:

You know the difference between a backpack and any other bags is by the number of compartments it has. A backpack will have enough compartments to accommodate all your things. These sections will vary in their size, but they will be present nonetheless. A backpack with no compartment or just one compartment is no backpack at all! In fact, the phrase “more the merrier” perfectly applies to these super useful bags.

Laptop compartment:

Give and take everything, but modern backpacks should consist of a laptop compartment. Technology has become a part of our lives and we can’t imagine a day without our mobile phones and laptops. Given that a laptop is essential and makes our work easier (and more bearable), a safe compartment is required to carry it. Laptop compartments come with extra padding so as to reduce the intensity of any kind of blow to them.

Water bottle pouch:

You are in the middle of nowhere and suddenly feel extremely thirsty. You technically feel like it’s the last day of your life and travel the rest feeling miserable. A backpack can become your lifesaver by simply including a water bottle pouch on the side of the bag. The size of the pouch varies from bag to bag (fancy ones have a very small pocket whereas the hiker’s one has more than one water pouch!). But don’t pick a backpack that doesn’t offer this basic right to life.

Lockable Zips:

With the crime rate increasing at an alarming rate, it is important to ensure the safety and security of your belongings. A proper backpack will include a lockable zipper for the compartments. If you use the public transport network for travelling, then it is important to get bags that can be locked for extra safe-keeping.

Next time to buy a backpack; make sure that it has the above-mentioned features before splurging.

Retailers who want to make a bulk purchase of backpacks can check out the inventory of the most prominent backpacks manufacturer in USA. They boast of a wide inventory. The backpacks are constructed using the finest quality materials that add features like being waterproof and light in weight. Furthermore, they come in a range of shades and textures. Retailers can bulk purchase at discounted prices as well!


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