5 Bag Trends for This Winter You Must Know

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  • December 5, 2017

You may wear the best clothes you have, be updated with the latest trends in the fashion industry, but one wrong choice of bags, and will ruin your attire in seconds. It might sound absurd, but that is the truth. Hence, picking the right bag to accompany your attire is important. Now there are a bunch of bag trends doing rounds of the fashion circuit. Want to know what they are? Keep reading them. They have a high demand this winter, so make sure you have them.

Straps that make a statement

Who said that straps can’t be the focal point of a bag? When you have fur and embellishments adorning it, yes you can. This particular trend of highlighting the straps started as a part of the Runway Fall display, which had a positive impact on the enthusiasts. With such a unique thing on display, it was bound to catch the attention of the reputed wholesale bag manufacturers USA based. They incorporated the style immediately into a wide variety of bags including satchels and sling bags to give them a sweet twist of fashion. To get things funkier, some of the bags come with really big straps with bold slogans! Now that is definitely worth the try.

The tech backpack

There is a reason why we use backpacks and love them unconditionally. They have too much space and can accommodate all our belongings without fussing over. But the latest backpacks are more than just space. It is about everything you want and desire. The latest backpacks come with wide pockets, charging sockets, several compartments, wide adjustable straps with utility pockets and wait for it, they are anti-theft. With such phenomenal functional qualities, this tech-savvy backpack is a must for all who want to take over the world (not literally, just a figure of speech!).

Oversized totes

Totes were a blessing to the entire womankind. Stylish and huge, the oversized ones are even more perfect. If you have plans to get away for the weekend (and only the weekend), this is the bag for you. If you like carrying your entire closet in your bag (hypothetically), then this is the bag for you. If you like showing off your bag’s collection to the world, then this is the bag for you! Oversized, hence, no space issues will be faced whatsoever. The use of metallic hues and heavy-duty embellishments on the totes render them a sexy appeal. Also, good quality materials ensure that they have a polished finish to be carried around with elan.

Clutches specifically for the days

You do realize that the clutches used during particular times of the day are different from each other. The evening ones are more stylish and smaller in their size, whereas the day ones have more space to accommodate all your belongings. In short, the day ones are big enough to carry to your workplace. But if you have been complaining that they are pretty enough, then check out the latest versions that are available with the manufacturers. Slim and sleek, incorporated with subtle colors and patterns, the day clutches are a piece of art. Stuff in your stuff and head out with the ultimate bag bravura.

The textured bag

The use of the words ‘bag’ and ‘texture’ is highly relative here. The bag can mean anything from satchels to backpacks to sling bags to clutches to everything else you can apply the term too. Textured if is defined using the dictionary, it means to not have a smooth surface (wait, what?). Well, to stand corrected, textured here means the use of embellishments and superfluities on the surface of the bag. So anything that is shiny enough to grab your attention, anything that stands out with unparalleled appeal and anything that works well with your attire can fall into this category. Thus, do whatever you want to; make sure to have this one in your bag closet.

To conclude, this winter, get a spot on for your accessories by picking the right bags. Handbag manufacturers USA based have the best of the collection displayed in their vast catalogue. Retailers or bag store owners can make a bulk purchase of a variety of the same by simply registering online. Massive discounts are available for bulk buyers.


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