Which Bags to Pick Based on your Body Shape

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  • October 25, 2021

You may have faced such a situation once in your life when you liked a particular bag and were determined to get that but when you tried it on it didn’t look so much as nice. Later when you see the same bag being carried by someone else you think “why is it looking so good on her?” Well, it’s because everyone has a particular body shape and bags should be chosen according to that.

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Given below is a short guide on 4 common body shapes and the bags that you should choose depending on that.


Rectangle body type, most commonly called the athletic body shape is typically characterized by hips, waist and shoulders that are all of the same width. You need to create the illusion of curves as your silhouette is generally straight. Go for slouchy hobo bags that are worn on the shoulder or the clutches tucked under the arm that create curves and dimension.

Inverted Triangle

In case of an inverted triangle body type, it features such shoulders which are broader in comparison to hips and waist. Here, as the bottom half is narrower than the shoulder, the aim is to draw attention to the lower half to balance everything out and for that, ensure to pick shoulder bags, satchels, cross body bags.


Waist is the widest body part with the shoulders and the hips being narrower and of the same width in case of an apple shape. In order to de-emphasize the mid section to create the illusion of a smaller waist, opt for boxy or structured bags with short handles such as rectangular totes or top handle bags.


The people with the hourglass body shape are generally considered to have been blessed with the most beautiful figure, though the focus should be on highlighting the attractive waist and for that you can go for any kind of bag as long as it’s proportionate to your figure and stature.

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