What Can You Do With All Your Hoarded Gift Bags?

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  • October 6, 2020

Fortunately, you can stack your gift bags in your bins, string them up, and re-use other storage objects to carry them.

Rebutting Other Stock Items

Place the gift bags in bigger gift bags for a compact storage option. One of the best ways to store gift bags in your wardrobe is to place them in bigger gift bags. Fold each of the bags, put them within your bigger bags, and hang them on the hanger with their rope handles.

Use different colored storage bags to differentiate your periodic gift bags. For instance, arrange birthday bags from popular gift bag manufacturers in orange-colored bags then Christmas bags in green-colored bags.

Tighten clip hangers around packages of gift bags for storage in a small wardrobe. You may use inexpensive clip hangers (usually used for clothing) to hang your gift bags. Every can accommodate 3 to 10 bags wherever, depending on the size of the bag.

Keep the colored tape along the top of the clips to differentiate the various forms of containers.

Arrange your gift bags in a customizable file folder if you have just a handful. An expandable file folder is a perfect storage option for your bags because it’s so easy to hold! That being said, if your file folder begins bulging, you may want to break it into several colored files or use a separate method.

Buy a wired file organizer to stack your bags in your corner. Wired file organizers are inexpensive and easy to carry. They come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, giving you a variety of versatility in how and where to put your gift bags.

Wired file organizers come in both horizontally and vertically setups. Choose one depending on the room you have available.

Hanging a Gift Bag

Mount a towel bar to have a more convenient hanging solution. Buy a towel bar and follow the guide to select the location of the installation. After that, mount your bar by your art area and hang your bags using white or colored plastic hooks.

Remove the mounting brackets from their package and release the screws before placement.

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