Top Vital Factors to Consider for Purchasing Excellent Duffel Travel Bags

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  • July 9, 2021

There is no doubt that duffel bags are a staple of the travel world. The versatility, packability, and timeless simplicity of these efficient bags have endured the test of time. From gym addicts to travel enthusiasts, most of us appreciate the convenience of carrying a well-crafted, stylish duffel bag. Just keep in mind these key considerations below to get yourself the perfect travel duffel! If you are a business owner dealing in wholesale duffel travel bags and want to replenish your stock, then choose a customized bag manufacturer in USA.

Travel Duration

Your purpose of use will play the pivotal role in choosing a quality duffel bag. Whether you plan to use it for long-distance travel or weekend excursions will determine the type of duffel you need.


Duffles tend to get thrown around a lot. Airline workers have time restrictions, so you can be positive that duffels get tossed around in planes. So make sure you purchase one that is long-lasting. You will anyway need a more durable duffle if you are an outdoorsy/adventurous person.

Quality Fabric

When looking at fabrics, you’ll often see a number followed by the letter D. The D stands for denier which measures the thickness and weight of fabric. The higher the denier within the same fabric family, usually the more durable is the duffel bag.

Nylon is one of the most common synthetic fabrics for duffel that is soft, durable and lightweight. You can avoid polyester-made duffels as they tend to be a little less durable and a little bit heavier than nylon though they are cheaper.

There is something very classic about a canvas duffle. If you are into that heritage, historical vibe, it may be worth sacrificing some comfort. Leather is yet another fabric that evokes a sense of nostalgia and sophistication. Leather tends to go hand-in-hand with canvas and may be your fabric choice if you love that vintage look.

Interior Organization

Duffle bags run the gamut of organization. Some have compact organization, while others have a lot of pockets and compartments. Depending on what kind of travel you plan to use it for will determine how much interior organization you need the bag to feature.

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Convenient Carry Mode

Traditionally, duffle bags tend to have two modes of carry: briefcase style via top handles and cross-body via ashoulder strap. Some duffles only have handles. If your travel plan includes excess walking or standing for prolonged stretches, a shoulder strap duffel will be your ideal selection.

Ideal Size and Weight

For travel you can use duffle bags between 30L and 45L with the occasional 50L or 55L thrown in when you need a bag for accommodating a lot of gear. As far as weight is concerned, go for the lightest duffle bag possible that is durable as well.

Suitable Budget

High cost doesn’t always mean high quality. But depending on the frequency of traveling and the amount you are willing to pay for your bag, you should pick your smart travel duffel.

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