Top Ten Women’s Fashion Bags to Carry with Your Evening Looks

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  • July 19, 2022

Whether it is a formal invitation for an invite-only exclusive event or when going clubbing with your girls or celebrating your best friend’s wedding, you need to look your absolute best, every time. While, we usually get our shoes, dresses, and makeup sorted, we typically forget about the bag and there is always a last-minute rush to find the right one that goes with the look. If you have been there, you must know what that feels like. It is a terrible feeling when you can’t find a suitable bag that matches your outfit and stuff everything into your go-to clutch and leave. Then fret about it all evening!

To break this constant struggle, we help you pick the top women’s fashion bags that are trendy this year. You can match any of them with your evening look, without having to worry, if the bag looks stylish or not.

So, keep reading to know about the most-coveted.


A Crystal Encrusted Half-moon Bag

crystal encrusted half moon women's fashion bag

Half-moon bags have been the talk of the town for quite some time now and the crystal-encrusted one, that has a studded handle that goes all around this stylish bag is a great choice for a formal dinner or a dinner date at an upscale restaurant.

This trendy and fabulous-looking bag was recently spotted on social media influencer Masoom Minawala Mehta at the Paris Haute Couture Week 2022 where she paired it with a pearl studded top and baby blue pants.

Pro Tip: When styling this one, keep your accessories to a bare minimum and let the bag shine bright!


A Floral Patterned Bag

Flowers or floral accents have been trendy this year at the Paris Haute Couture Week and you can have them too in your evening bag. Choose a floral-patterned structured hard case clutch bag with a dainty metal chain as the shoulder strap and wear it with your favorite evening dress or gown. You can pair this one, even with a pantsuit in a neutral shade and golden pumps, matching the shoes to the metal shoulder chain.

Alternatively, you can also choose a shoulder bag with flower accents and a bold metallic chain detailing and pair it with your evening ensemble, for a glamorous night out.


An Envelope Bag

Envelope bags have always been classy and this year they are back with a bang, with soft-textured envelope bags, making their presence felt, everywhere. On any given day, an envelope bag would be there in the list of top ten women’s fashion bags for a fashionista.

So, pick a timeless soft textured, large envelope clutch bag with jeweled accents or metallic details for a formal event to add a bit of class to your ensemble. This bag is for all ages and goes well with most outfits, be it formal pants, a pantsuit, a bodycon dress, or a classic gown.


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A Ball-shaped Shoulder Bag

ball shaped shoulder bag - best of top ten women's fashion bags

If you are a fan of the quirky,  our fourth pick from the list of top ten women’s fashion bags is for you only. Choose a ball-shaped shoulder bag that resembles a basketball or a soccer ball or pick one with elaborate sequin details to carry for a night out with your friends. This bag is perfect for the discotheque or to go clubbing, and will turn heads even beyond the dance floor.

You can go with a sling style or choose a round handle that you can carry on your wrist. Pair this with a metallic short skirt and ruffled top. Wear a comfortable pair of shoes that will help you dance non-stop and keep the night owl happy under those shining lights.

This stylish bag can also be your go-to for casual nights and will add a touch of fun, to any look.


An Embellished Shoulder Bag

You cannot have a perfect evening bag collection until you have splurged on some embellished bags that will be showstoppers everywhere they go. So, opt for a rhinestone-studded evening bag for your next big night out and we are sure you will be the talk of the party.

Since you want the embellished bag to steal the show, keep your outfit muted. Mix and match pastel shades or go for an all-black outfit with minimal makeup and a dash of red for the mouth. We are sure you will look stylish and beautiful!


A Beaded Bag

Choose a beaded or a pearl-studded handheld bag to go with your elegant evening ensemble and take your style game up by several notches. This over-the-top, yet classy bag, is sure to make you look straight out of the fashion week at an invite-only formal event.

Alternatively, this stylish bag can also be your go-to choice for a black-tie wedding party or any other event, where you want to stand out, in a room full of stylish and beautiful people.

With these gorgeous evening bags, you will be spoilt for choice and never have to worry about picking a basic bag with your stylish ensemble. Since these days you want to carry more than just your ID and lipstick in your evening bag, make sure you choose an option with enough room to stow away your essentials for a night out. Additionally, play around with several textures and accents or go for some bold metallic golden ones, that have been making it to the top of the charts this year.

On that note, we hope this read has inspired you to get some of these over-the-top and elegant women’s fashion bags to pair with your evening looks.


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A Clouded Pouch Bag

cloud pouch bag

The clouded pouch bag has been a hot favorite with celebrities for quite some time now. It has been spotted on A-listers like Hailey Bieber, Victoria Beckham, Salma Hayek, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and many more.

You can either opt for a pouch without a handle or go for one with a bold metallic chain, which is right on-trend this year.

The clouded pouch bag is very versatile and will complement any evening outfit of your choosing. So, pair it with a dress, or match a layered look with it, complete with a trench coat and boots. Afterward, get ready to turn heads and charm, everyone, in style!


A Heart-shaped Clutch Bag

Whether you plan to wear an evening gown and stilettos or choose a bodycon dress with a leather jacket and ankle-length boots, this heart-shaped clutch bag is the perfect match for the evening.

You can wear this one with a gorgeous outfit for an anniversary dinner, or take it along on a date and charm everyone around. This quirky yet stylish bag is surely going to earn you a lot of compliments. You can pick a heart-shaped hard-body clutch with a top handle or go for one with a stylish shoulder chain.

This glossy one has turned the heat up on the runway too, this year! So, channel your self-love and get yourself this gorgeous heart-shaped bag.


A Feather-embellished Handbag

A feather-embellished bag can add a pop of fun to any mundane look. It has the power to also transform a serious evening ensemble into something fun and quirky. So, if you are a fan of the fabulous, this one is for you!

Since, this year, it is all about going bold and having fun, make sure you add this one to your list of bags to own.

Pro tip: You can style this bag with a gorgeous watch and lots of rings to add a dollop of sophistication to this otherwise fun look.


A Tiny Mini Bag

tiny mini women's fashion bag

Last but not least from our list of the top ten women’s fashion bags – the mini bag has been ruling the fashion streets this year. They were conspicuous at Cannes during the Film Festival, early this year, and now they were all over Paris during the biannual Haute Couture Week 2022, this July. Celebrities love this bag and why not? They are a handy and stylish option for a fuss-free woman!

With so many styles of mini bags to choose from, you are spoilt for choices with this one. You can pick a mini bag with a drawstring closure or go for structured bags with top handles or ones that come with chains. A mini bag with straps, that you can tie on the waist, is also a popular option.

Additionally, you can take inspiration from the likes of Anne Hathaway, who paired a bold pink-colored structured mini bag at Haute Couture Week 2022, and get yourself a pop-colored one too!

So, ponder well and take your pick!

With so many interesting choices to select from, we are sure there will be no dearth of options to pair with your evening ensembles. Since most of these top ten choices can be paired with any look and attire, you can mix and match your bags to spruce up your outfits, every time.

Additionally, if reading about these top-notch hot-sellers has given you the itch to spend on a collection of fashionable bags, wait for nobody. Splurge on some trendy bags, and get ready to turn heads, on your next night out!

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