Top Six Bags Every Business Owner in Qatar Must Stock up on Right Now

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  • July 23, 2022

The countdown to the FIFA World Cup has begun. Fans are eagerly waiting with jagged breath for November to flock to Qatar, and cheer for their respective teams. This opens up an incredible opportunity for businesses to cater to several tourists who will be arriving in Qatar, not just for the game, but to enjoy a taste of the many things that this country has to offer.

So, if you are a retailer or a private label bag business owner in Qatar and want to flaunt an exquisite collection of top-quality bags for the tourists who will be arriving in Qatar to enjoy the FIFA World Cup, this year, make sure you get in touch with and check the catalog offered by the best private label customized wholesale bag manufacturer in Qatar and place your bulk orders of the following top six categories of trendy bags, right now.

To give you an idea of the trendy bags that international tourists are going to love and splurge on, we made this handy list of some of the top categories. So, keep reading, to know more about the top bags, for both women and men, and why you should stock up on them.


Top Categories of Bags for Women:


Trendy Totes

tote bags

Totes are very trendy this year and why not? They are incredibly functional and let women stock up on a lot of items. Naturally, everybody will love carrying them to the venues for the matches and also while touring around.

Since totes are so well-loved and incredibly versatile, you should pick various types. From the stylish ones that help anyone look polished, to the ones made with natural fabrics and fibers and offer an alternative style option to flaunt for relaxed outings, you should get them all. Just remember to keep it versatile and include a variety of colors, fabrics, and sizes. This will allow you to cater to the tastes and choices of several types of customers.


Fashionable Shoulder Bags

shoulder bags

Shoulder bags like the structured ones and slings with long metallic chains, that look stylish with evening wear options, and other versatile day-look options like the crescent and half-moon bags are totally on trend right now. So, stock up on a variety of trendy styles of the shoulder bag and look for both bold and neutral colors. This will help you offer some fashionable choices to the fans and tourists.


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Glamorous Handbags

Handbags have been getting more glamourous with each passing season this year. Fringed ones, bejeweled ones, bold and peppy ones, and the tiny ones, have been all over runways and the high street.
Additionally, this year, the ‘Barbie’ theme, has made people go ga-ga over hot pink and the structured tiny handbags in pink will be in high demand. So, make sure you bank on this trend and stock up on some peppy shades too!


Top Categories of Bags for Men:


The Essential Gym Bags

gym bags

Who doesn’t love a good gym bag? Additionally, looking at their favorite soccer players and admiring their physique and agility might encourage more people to join the gym, and splurge on some quality gym bags abroad. So, stocking up on some top-quality gym bags might be an incredible idea.

Make sure you choose durable bags with great organizational features that make your bags a cut above the rest. To get gym bags that are customized and tailored to your vision, remember to choose a reputed private label bag manufacturer who is ready to incorporate all your customization needs and place your bulk orders today.


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Uber-Stylish Business Messenger Bags

The tourists who will be arriving in November for the FIFA World Cup are bound to go shopping at local places. As a private label business owner or retailer, who specializes in bags, make sure you stock up on some trendy and durable options of the stylish messenger bag.

This one is incredibly functional and is great to carry to work. Plus, the bag lets one be hands-free and comes with enough space to carry everything around. Just make sure you choose top-quality materials for these bags and ask for durable and comfortable straps that will make carrying the bag around, very easy.


The Incredible Duffle Travel Bags

duffle bags

Duffle bags that are designed for travel are a must-have these days. Plus, what better place to buy them than when you are traveling? This will help the tourists carry home, all the purchases that they make while they are on the shopping spree in Qatar, with ease. Additionally, with a handy duffle travel bag, they will be able to carry it along easily in their hand luggage without crossing the check-in luggage limits.

So, as a retailer or a business owner make sure you stock up on a variety of these bags in premium-quality materials. Choose a renowned private label customized wholesale bag supplier so that you can ask for customizations, keeping your brand’s vision in mind, and place your bulk orders, now!

Since the World Cup in Qatar will see large groups of tourists thronging the venues for the matches, we are sure there will be many who will want to splurge on exquisite purchases while they are visiting. So, place your bulk orders for a wide collection of top-quality bags (there are loads of options when you approach a reputed customized bags manufacturer), and get ready to give the tourists and fans, an opportunity to splurge on the best, while they are in Qatar!


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