The Six Top Bag Trends To Watch Out For in 2022

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  • June 5, 2022

With people out and about, the craze for bags is once again on the rise. However, the 2022 forecast is filled with surprises. From vintage bags making a comeback to people wanting to carry 15-inch laptops in their carryalls. It looks like things are getting bolder and brighter this year, and we have compiled for you, six exciting trends!

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As climate change becomes a reality, the fashion industry is also paying close attention to its carbon footprint and if the trends are any indication, this year it is all about sustainability.


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The Crafted and Sustainable Bags

crafted and sustainable bags wholesale

With the trend for the artsy on the rise, the woven, the knitted, the crocheted and the corded bags are all over the runway this season. Handbags, shopping bags, shoulder bags, and crossbody bags made of woven leather, eco-friendly jute threads, colorful beaded threads, and those made of the macrame knotting technique, are becoming quite popular. These bags, made from sustainable and earth-friendly materials, are handmade and sometimes hold deep meaning for the people, they are sourced from.

The earth-friendly trend doesn’t just end there. This season includes bags made with vegan leather alternatives, like those made from leather sourced from mushrooms and cacti. Bags made from ocean plastic waste, are also quite popular this year.

So, taking inspiration from fashion influencers like Olivia Palermo, the eco-friendly, natural, jute fiber bag might be your new friend, this summer!

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The Bold and the Bright Bags

bold and bright bags

Just like Lily Collin’s character ‘Emily’ in ‘Emily in Paris’, this year’s bags are bold and unafraid. Think lime greens, hot fuchsia, enchanting periwinkle, and the ‘I-like-pink’.

In 2022, it is all about grabbing eyeballs in your bright and loud handbags, hobos, and clutches. From tiny, textured green clutches to lime green knotted hobos, the catwalk has given us some stunning bags to watch out for.

So be your own sass and opt for a super textured fuchsia handbag or go for a pop green satchel, and let the pretty thing do all the talking!

The Tote Bags and the Carryalls

tote bag and the carryalls

Come 2022 and people are suddenly looking for practicality in their handbags. They want to carry everything in it. So, say ‘welcome back’ to your trusted totes. The bigger, the better.

Bring out your A-game. Take cues from celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson, and Gigi Hadid and go big with luxurious totes, or choose an eco-friendly one, like Jennifer Aniston.

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The Vintage and the Archival

If the 2022 Met Gala was an indication, it is no more a secret that vintage is the hot seller this year. With celebrities wearing archival pieces and sporting vintage looks, the all-essential bag is not further behind.

The Spring/Summer ’22 trends indicate a comeback of recreated and refurbished vintage pieces, from chained wallets to vintage-inspired hobos and flap bags.

Taking cues from celebrities like Bella Hadid, who seems to be a champion for vintage bags, choose bags that let you sport a classic or retro look for a dinner date, or pick a chained wallet with a vintage pattern for a movie night.


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The Moon and Crescent Shaped Bags

moon and crescent shaped bags

Set aside your mini bags and baguettes, the crescent moon is the new shape in town!

From shoulder bags to cross-body bags, this shape, and the one that closely resembles the hobo with a dip, is everywhere! Breathing fresh life into this 90s-style, the runaways are teeming with this sassy variant.

Sport a peppy pink one and let your inner fashionista shine on!

The Bags with Metal Accents

bags with metal accents

Keeping the ‘Bold is the new beautiful’ theme intact, bags sporting bolder and bigger metal chain accents are totally in. Think golden, go for the bling or play with bigger and bolder chains for your handbags and shoulder bags.

This stylish metal chain never really went out of fashion. However, this year, it has only become bigger and shinier. Take inspiration from the likes of Paris Hilton, and Jasmine Tookes and sport your favorite handbag with a stylish broad, golden chain or go for a bolder linking chain for your cross-body sling.

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If there is one thing that the year 2022 is all about, it is ‘Go Bold or Go Home’, and the possibilities are endless. So, get ready and take yourself shopping for some amazing and trendy bags. Say yes to conquering the streets in style! Business owners don’t forget to beef up your store’s stock, it’s now or never!

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