Top 4 Backpack Styles Crafted By The Well Known Bag Manufacturers

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  • May 27, 2016

A child’s introduction with the school begins with the purchase of a school bag that carries all his important things from books and copies to water sipper and lunch box. While the parents want the bag to be sturdy enough, kids concern themselves with their colors and designs. Now when it comes to picking comfort and style at the cost of one, there cannot be anything better than the backpacks that are now available in eye-catching hues and styles. So here is a list of backpacks that are crafted by various bag manufacturers online. Check out.


Standard backpacks are generally made of synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon or canvas clothes that are designed with two adjustable handles on the shoulders and one or two big interior compartments, perfect to hold texts and notebooks. While some are available with dividers and side pockets to keep various things such as Tiffin boxes and water bottles in place, some feature additional compartments for storing MP3 players, identification cards, pens, pencils and money separately.


Rolling backpacks are manufactured with similar nylon or canvas material like standard bags. Since they are specially equipped with wheels and pop-up handles they make it easier for the kids to bear their loads. With their roll-on wheels gliding on the floor the bags help reduce back and shoulder pain which is caused by the heavy weight of books and other contents. However, before you purchase it, make sure that her school gives permission for this. You can find them in numerous choices with catchy prints of floral and abstract motifs as well as those of cartoon characters like Angry Birds, Star wars and Justice League near some reputed school backpack manufacturers online.


Cinch styled backpacks are great choices for small outings, besides school classes. So when your little girl insists on going on a picnic with her school friends and teachers, you can pack her water sipper, lunch box and other important items for the trip in this sack. It is made of nylon and comes with a single compartment. Though these bags are lightweight and easy to carry, they offer limited space and little safety from rain and theft.


Satchel styled backpacks are typically created with suede, leather or canvas and feature belted enclosures and smaller pockets. The structure, being wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, is a winning choice amongst school girls. However, they are not as hardy as the handbags and standard backpacks but come in a medley of colors and prints, for instance, the ones in a combination of pink, red, blue and yellow with diagonal patterns are perfect to brighten up your child’s day at school.

To find more color and design options in these bags, retailers and all bulk purchasers can contact their trustworthy wholesale backpacks manufacturers online and place their orders in bulk.


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