The Top Luggage Bag Buying Guide: 4 Points To Memorize

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  • December 26, 2022

With the luggage bag wholesale manufacturers bringing a wide variety today, buying a luggage bag may seem like the easiest thing to do. However, if you consider the result of your decision (it will occupy a huge share of your storage space, won’t exactly come cheap, and will need to be your companion for a few years at least), you would understand why this has to be a reasoned decision. So, before you select your next travel companion, here are 4 key points that you must remember:

The Purpose

While the kind of bag you require will depend on the type of trip you are taking, sometimes it’s just not so easy. If your travel calendar shows a business trip that later gets changed to a beach holiday with a trek, you would need something that serves every purpose. All thanks to quality materials and design innovations over the last few years, other than plain suitcases, there is a diverse range of hybrid bags available today that offer one-of-a-kind versatility in a single piece of luggage bag. For an instance, suitcases that can be converted into a backpack, rucksacks with trolleys, and so on. So, if you are someone who often has a change of plans then you can consider such hybrid designs.

Interior Design And Capacity

The outside measurements are of course important, however, don’t become so engrossed in them that you completely ignore a look at the interior capacity. Check how roomy the inside is. This can be a hard one as many manufacturers don’t mention the interior volume. See whether there are features that can increase the interior space. For an instance, squared edges are usually more spacious than rounded ones. Extra features like separate pockets, and compression straps can help you organize things better and make the job of carrying them easier. Also, make sure that the haul handles or outer compartments aren’t designed in a way that makes the bag protrude as this could majorly change the final dimensions of the bag.

Its Build and Function

The anatomy of the bag will play an important role. Check the following things while examining the bag:

  • Take a look at the stitch quality.
  • For the trolleys, check for smooth movement.
  • The handle is important. Check the feel of the grip and the wrist angle.
  • See whether the bag has a chain or coil kind of zipper. Crafted out of metal and coming with two sets of interlocking teeth, the chain zipper is the best. Remember, a YKK zipper is considered to be the most reliable in the bag industry.
  • Protective add-ons like replaceable wheels, kickplates, corner guards, etc can extend a luggage bag’s lifespan and keep them looking good.
  • If you are going for bigger bags then go for 4-wheelers. They offer easier mobility.

Hard-Sided and Soft-Sided Ones

People believe that hard-sided bags are often more durable. However, with new and advanced materials being used in the creation of soft-sided bags, that’s no longer accurate. Also, with hard-side luggage bags, cracks and dents are inevitable and what makes it worse is the fact that you can rarely repair them, even though you see your bag is still functional. If you are a heavy load packer as in you love to take a lot with you then soft-sided bags will offer you more space.

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