The Latest Trends In Clutch Purses For Modern Women

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  • November 3, 2020

A clutch purse is an elegant fashion accessory that completes as well as complements your entire attire and instills a high level of confidence and adds a touch of refinement to your party outfit. The beauty of clutches lies in their chic designs, array of exquisite shapes, graceful and ornamental body, vibrant colors, and stylish varieties. Clutch purses are perhaps the best accomplice that you can think of pairing with your outfit while attending a formal party, date night, a cocktail party, opera night, office party, or any such occasion that requires you to look your fashionable best and poised.

Clutches are available in exclusive designs that and diverse shades that range from bright and eye-catching colors to subtle and muted pastel hues. Similarly, the number of styles and fabric to choose from is also countless, from gorgeous embellishments to simple classic designs, clutches are available in velvet, satin, and stark leather finish, and there is one to cater to the preference of everyone.

Types of Designs In Clutches Worth Craving For

Classic Floral Patterns

One of the most classic variants in leather clutches come in delightful floral patterns, minimalistic and elegant, that looks something like a 60’s dream. We are well-aware that retro fashion has been making inroads into the fashion industry in recent times, and this clutch is an ideal example. The colorful floral print on a glistening black background looks appealing, to say the least. This clutch has a symmetrical rectangular shape and just the right size to carry small belongings such as your credit cards, lipsticks, and mobile phone. The zippers are smooth and sturdy which you can use at ease. It contains adequate number of compartments for sectionalizing your belongings without having to search frantically when you need them.

Gorgeous Embellished Clutches

For women who are all in for that bougie life, embellished purses are absolute must-haves! The intricate embellishments and ornamental detailing on these clutches make then stand out. Complemented with chic slip dresses or bodycons, statement danglers, and high heels, these clutches are sure you make you stand out at an evening party. The fabric on these clutches is usually either faux leather or pure leather and sometimes velvet to add that extra touch of refinement for those who obsess on elegance and class.

wholesale clutch bags

Quirky Animal Prints

Leading clutch purse wholesale suppliers have their team of designers unveil the most exclusive patterns and prints on premium quality clutch purses. For customers who are fun-loving and experimental, animal prints are funky and fashionable choices instead of going for mundane designs. Carefully printed on the body of these durable clutches are enviable leopard and snakeskin designs that look refined and playful at the same time. The best wholesale bag manufacturers usually design animal printed clutch purses using pure glossy leather that brings out the shine and makes customers look glamorous at a party.

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