The Guide To Master Art Of Wearing a Mini Backpack With Different Types Of Outfits

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  • June 9, 2018

When it comes to bringing back the timeless style statements, the bags also form an integral part of our style essentials. The fanny packs and mini backpacks have also made a triumphant return to the contemporary global fashion scene. Practical, easy to carry and stylish, the mini backpacks have become the wardrobe staples of the ladies and they are absolutely loving this trend!

It becomes difficult to carry an effortless style statement with the over-sized handbags that begin to hurt the shoulders and wrists after a span of time. To take a break from the monotony of these designer handbags, time to switch to the coolness of carrying the mini backpacks crafted by leading wholesale backpack manufacturer.

Here are some tips to add them to your everyday fashion statements.

Go back to your teen days

Don’t try to restrict yourself from having some fun with the quirky and funky mini backpacks. Go back to your fun teen days by buying the mini backpacks that come with cool and colorful prints and images embossed reflecting ideas of your younger days, from metal hardware, leather, leopard print, and gems, Barbie-inspired bags, Spongebob Squarepants themed ones and much more. These look best with summer-ready dresses or simple denim and tee combinations.

Have the ultimate handbag connection

You might not be used to the shift of backpack from the purse carrying habit, and hence go for the backpacks that can also be carried like handbags, with multi-functional accessories. These are easy to style, and also don’t mess up with your comfort zone or style statements.

Go for great textures

Don’t choose the bags that reflect blandness, rather choose the ones that are crafted with beautiful textures. Try out interesting and multidimensional pieces like the mix of suede and leather or plaid, and much more.


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