The Easy And Essential Travel Beauty Kit For Women

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  • August 27, 2018

Packing light while you travel is really important. You wouldn’t want to end up with an overflowing suitcase while you return back from the tour. Hence, you have to organize your clothes and male up accordingly in your bag. Most of the time women get confused regarding what make up they should carry in their handbags while they’re traveling. Many women hit a crossroads with this as some of them think that only carrying the essentials will do while some are of the opinion that vacation is the ideal time to experiment with makeup. To find a solution to all your problems, this blog has been written so that you can create your own customized and practical looks while in vacation.


The safest way to look practical but fashionable is to accentuate your best feature in the face while in your vacation. Therefore carry the make up needs according to this mantra. If you’ve got big eyes, then carry a voluminous mascara and gel liner to create dramatic eye looks. Similarly if you’ve got high cheekbones or fuller lips a neutral highlighter and bold toned lipstick respectively will be good for you.


Take traveling as an opportunity to use up all those samples from beauty subscription boxes that you’ve been hoarding given the fact that you try them out at least one night before leaving for a trip, just to make sure that the skin agrees with everything. Pour your face wash and face scrub in small throwable container instead of carrying the big ones. To moisturize your skin in a cheap and easy way carry multiple sheet masks with you.


For the body, the first and foremost thing to bring along is a sunscreen arguably the #1 essential, for any type of traveling or adventuring. Next, toss in a few shower sheets (aka full body wipes that help cleanse and deodorize). You never know when they’ll come in handy from freshening up after a long plane ride or getting back from a trek through the jungle. Also to stay fresh, bring along one of your favorite body mist or perfume. The usual small packages of moisturizing lotions are a definite must have while you travel.


Hair care is usually pretty simple as well as long as you don’t opt for super styled hairdo’s. Most hotels provide shampoo and conditioner, so you don’t always bring your own. But even if you feel that they won’t suit your hair texture, then carry them in a small travel sized container or even a zip lock bag so manage space and save money.


It is always advised to do your manicure and pedicure a week before the travel so that your hands and feet are clean and presentable. As for other tools like a hair dryer and straighter look up for the hotel services as most of them provide the hair dryer to the guests. In this way you can save some space i8n your bag.

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