The Best Sleeping Bag Trends For a Peaceful Eye-Shut In The Open

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  • October 17, 2019

You will not find a more pleasing experience than sliding into your sleeping bag after an entire day of hiking, and the key to a peaceful night’s sleep is to get the quality right. Choosing the right bag isn’t just about getting the warmth, but you need to take a note on the size, pack ability and the weight which will determine a peaceful journey as well. Apart from that you need to check the weather conditions, location and all the external issues which will determine how it will perform out in the wild.

To get you the best options to choose from, we have delved deep into the sea of choices the leading wholesale sleeping bags suppliers are coming up with. Take a look at these and pick out the ones you feel fit.

The Best All Rounder

If you are looking for something that will be perfectly comfortable and roomy then you need to take a look at these bags which is stitched to perfection with a perfect 850-fill hydrophobic down insulation which caters to the comfort factor. These bags will be just as comfortable in temperatures as low as 10 degree Fahrenheit. The shape, durability, water resistance and a pillow encased hood with a surprisingly low space capture when folded in, makes these bags better than a lot of its contemporaries!

bulk sleeping bag

Bags for the Budget Conscious

It is not always possible for someone to spend hundreds of dollars for a sleeping bag, especially when you are spending a lot on other backpacking essentials. Don’t worry if you are scooching down on your budget for a sleeping bag as we have interesting ranges of sleeping bags which will help you save up some cash and yet have a fulfilling hiking experience. These bags are a little heavy compared to other prime one’s but still these are worth spending for as it will add an extra pound and some extra cash to your wallet.

Ultra Light Sleeping Bag

If you are looking to cut down that extra weight then you need to get these lightweight bags which are very light and folds into a bunch of A4 size papers. Don’t be fooled by the weight being light, these bags will keep you warm even at low temperatures and you will be very comfortable in them. The best part about these bags are that they take up the least space in your backpack and you won’t have to squish down other backpacking stuff.

For retailers looking out for the best designs of wholesale sleeping bags should get in touch with the leading picnic backpack manufacturers who are coming up with the most comfortable pieces for your store.

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