Spring 2015 and the Flavor of Handbags Zoom in

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  • April 1, 2015

A survey result about U.S. consumers that has set tongues rolling is that “U.S. consumers spent $323 billion on apparel, footwear and accessories in 2014 and nearly $2 billion of that can be traced back to the Athleisure trend.” Well, first check out:

What is the ongoing athleisure craze in US?

It refers to the sporty yet chic urban fashion that the celebs as well as divas and suave brigade are swearing by! It is shaking hands of new fashion lines with fitness, helping to spike up the atheleisure craze in U.S. It is about injecting that creative fashion sense in the activewear lines which is making one to hit a party straight after gym- a plausible option!

Here to focus on accessories, it’s worth taking a look at the bags, one of the most important accessories that every hand loves to carry!

Snazzy yet practical is the key when its bags!

This Spring the focus is on practical bags loaded with the chic quotient! Whether it is leather handbags, shoulder bags, calf hair backpacks or leather carryalls, the scenario is quite impressive! With the U.S. consumers spending so much to freshen up their stock of accessories, it is worth to take a look at the bags that are going to be the head turners in 2015! The easy bucket bag, crossbody carryalls have remained the favorites while the traditional tote bags have got a more glam look. A first-rate wholesale handbag manufacturer can be the biggest bet for the business owners, retailers dealing in bags to place bulk order on wholesale leather bags or of their choicest variety, and enjoy wholesale rates!

The Innovative Spin Can Be Observed In The Spring 2015 Collection:

Cute Circular Shapes are in!

Round handheld clutches are in vogue and the mute hues with a glossy finish are creating a buzzing effect in the fashion circuit. It can be with a sling or without, sizes vary- it can be very small that can be cupped in your palms or very big! You get ample choices in terms of colors like flamboyant red, midnight blue and so on. The longer ones are available in varied tan colors capped with long tassels.

Crossbody Styles Make the Women Brigade Glued to it!

The crossbody styles are very much in and for Spring 2015 along with the pop of hot colors, saddle-bag inspired stuffs can be observed. They score high on the convenience factor! For the divas to strut their gaits, a crossbody bag is the must-thing adding dollops of attitude, quirkiness and style to any woman!

The Spring clutches have straps in company!

So whether you use it as a tote during daytime or smoothly hit a cocktail party clutching it, clutches are fashionable and fun! Whether it is the play of contrasting colors with a dash of metallic touch, mix of double colors, flaunting of animal motifs, making a combo of a bigger clutch accompanied with a mini one of a different hue or exuding the floral charm with dark base- clutches with handles are ‘wow-worthy’ this Spring!

The roomy staple is back with a bang: Checkout the makeover!

You swear by the frisky touch of metallic, graphics or lovable prints? Such totes are just roaring in the fashion den! Going the monochromatic way in bright hues, or completely the subtle way with light or powdery base color, brushed with cartoon and animal motifs, abstract art, this roomy wardrobe staple of the fashionistas is dominating the scene, not to leave aside the very Spring-like essence on the totes, the floral prints!

If you deal in bags and want to freshen up your store’s stock, knock the door of a top manufacturer cum wholesaler and let Spring cast its intoxicating charm on all bag lovers!


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