Small Backpacks Or The Big Ones: Which One To Choose?

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  • April 13, 2018

Many may argue that a backpack is a backpack; however, they are all not the same. A backpack can come in two very distinct sizes- small and large. Each has its own set of advantages and uses. To understand these types well, it is important to look at them individually.

Which one is more convenient? Keep reading to know more.

Small Backpacks

  • When it comes to using a backpack for everyday purposes, a smaller version is exactly what you need. It is a more obvious choice. Minimalists love this particular version of the backpacks. Even explorers traveling for a short trip (and don’t mind doing their laundry) prefer the smaller one. It is because of their small stature, they can be carried around easily. Let us analyze the pros of a small backpack to understand it better.
  • They have limitless mobility because of their size.
  • Jumping over puddles and boarding a running taxi becomes effortless with these.
  • They are ideal for daily use, small trips, day hikes and weekend travels. It is also easier to carry a small backpack with a suitcase.
  • Small size means you won’t be packing useless things. It can be a major issue at times, but when you think about it thoroughly, smaller backpacks are more convenient.
  • The number of compartments may differ in small backpacks, but most of them come with one main compartment with two or three separate pockets. You can easily segregate your belongings. Also many of the latest modern backpacks, regardless the size, comes with a separate laptop compartment.

It might be difficult to find a great backpack, one that is sturdy in nature. However, top wholesale bags manufacturers have enough choices available for you to pick from. You can also try different colors and shades to add a dash of panache to them, making them a fun daily item to carry.

Large Backpacks

Larger backpacks are the perfect travel companion. Though it is not a very practical choice for regular use, these versions can be used as a substitute for suitcases. Most large backpacks are double the size of a daypack, which can be anything around the range 30-50L. Again, let us look at the advantages of a large backpack before drawing a conclusion.

  • It is more mobile compared to a suitcase.
  • More compartments mean more space, which ultimately means that you can carry all of your essentials without having to compromise on any. A large backpack may or may not have a laptop compartment, but that exclusively depends on the manufacturing design.
  • Organizing stuff is also easier.
  • A large backpack is usually sturdier than any other versions. They can withstand a beating, so you don’t have to worry about carrying them to any corner of the world.

Most large backpacks come in darker tones to prevent them from getting dirty. The manufacturers use lightweight materials to make them easier to carry. Also, wide straps help balance the weight well.

Hence, both a small and large backpack has its own set of advantages and shortcomings. Since the usage can be varied, their need be differ. Some people like carrying big backpacks, some prefer the smaller ones. Whatever it might, make sure you pick one that retorts to your needs well.

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