Peeping through the recent trends of yummy mummy diaper bags

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  • April 26, 2016

The whole world seems to change when you become a mother, from your lifestyle to your thought process and even the things you carry, be it the clothes, or the bags. Here comes the entry of the functional wholesale diaper bags , which are the best way to stuff all your and the baby’s belongings while you are out for somewhere. From diapers to food, and baby clothes, these bags can stuff in everything owing to their spaciousness and sturdiness. There was a time when they were supposed to be boring and untrendy to look at, but with the evolution of the fashion scene, the designers are crafting them in chic and fashionable looks , keeping the utility factor intact. They can not only be plain useful ones, or uber-practical, but few also come in splendid designs and stupendous styles.

• Choose the fabric wisely


Be it the glossy one or the conventional canvas or jute, the fabric of the bag you are buying must be durable enough to face rough usage. It should have amazing moisture wicking facilities , and for this nylon or polyester are good options. Also, microfiber is good as an option for these diaper bags.

• Check the functionality


The bag you are going to choose, must reflect high-end functionality, which the number of pockets, sections and the storage capacity will decide. Have a look at all these so that it doesn’t fall short of your requirements and you end up keeping the belongings in proper order with right organization.

• Go through the construction


Pick up the bag which is made of intricate detailing and construction. More wide and padded it is, higher is its utility. With adjustable straps and easy zippers, the convenience factor of the bags increases.

• Not just for carrying baby-stuffs


Your baby will grow eventually and you will stop carrying the little one’s items everywhere. Hence get hold of a bag which is stylish enough to suit your other needs of carrying your make-up kit or laptop to the shopping or to office effortlessly and thus the bag becomes an investment for a longer time.

Types of diaper bags you can go for:


• Messenger


With slings, these bags can be carried on one shoulder or across the chest. The straps are usually adjustable and they are equipped with a lot of sections.

• Backpack


Just like regular backpacks , the diaper backpacks are also very easy to carry and spacious enough for trips and tours with your baby.

• Tote


The overgrown handbag tote diaper bags are big in size , and comes with detachable handles so that you can take them the way you want to.

Now that you have a clear idea on diaper bags made by the leading wholesale bags suppliers, we will get you acquainted with the celebrity trends in diaper bags:


• Jessica Alba


She was witnessed carrying a black glossy leather tote diaper bag with more than one handle and strap.

• Gisele Bundchen


She was carrying a messenger cum tote diaper back in rich chocolate brown color , with both big and small handles and white square motives all over.

• Mia Bossi


The bright color orange diaper bag which she carried looked immensely vibrant. With black and grey motifs, it looked highly elegant , equipped with a number of pockets and flaps.


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