How To Scale Backpacks: Daypack And Backpack Size Guide

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  • September 25, 2020

How much weight do you like to bring in an expedition backpack, a multi-day backpack, a weekend backpack, or a daypack? Here are a few weight tips and guidance on how to start hunting for wholesale hiking backpacks in the required size range.

Expedition Backpack

Expedition backpacks are the juggernauts of the world of backpacking and range in scale from 80 liters to 110 liters or more. They are built to carry a huge amount of food and supplies, typically for professionally led mountaineering adventures. If you’re taking a trip like this, it’s definitely worth asking for a backpack suggestion from your guide. They might also have the supplies you can hire because expedition backpacks can be very pricey.

Multi-Day Backpack

The major difference between shorter weekends and multi-day backpacking adventures is the need to take more food and probably a little more specialized kit, based on the type of events or the area you’re going to be hiking in. You’re going to want 50 to 70 liters of backpack capacity for multi-day journeys, but if you’re moving ultralight or using compressible clothing that doesn’t take up a lot of room, you may be willing to get by for much less.

Weekend Backpack

You can’t use certain daypacks for nighttime and weekend backpacking adventures since you need a lot of stuff, such as a cooking pot and utensils, cooker, ham/shelter/tent, sleeping pants, sleeping pad, quilt, a sleeping bag, and more. All this additional functionality needs more space, even though you’re taking a compact or ultra-portable approach to getting ready. For a weekend visit of 1-3 weeks, the sweet spot would be a pack of 40 to 50 liters.

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Many daypacks range from 20 liters to 35 liters on the upper end. Although a smaller backpack is normally adequate for 1/2 day hiking, you’re going to want a bigger pack in the 35-liter category for all-day hiking so that you can bring additional water, snacks, clothes, and 10 necessities. The daypack group also contains hydration packs that can be a decent choice. If you’re a hiker and snowshoer on a winter day, I would consider scaling up to a 40-45 liter backpack able to hold snowshoes, microshoes, and bulkier lightweight clothes. You need a bulkier bag than a simple daypack to bear snowshoes when you don’t need them.

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