Handbags Types: An Essential Purse Guide

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  • December 27, 2021

A handbag, sometimes known as a purse, is a bag that is used to transport phones, wallets, money, and other everyday necessities. Handbags frequently include a handle or a long strap that may be held in your hand or slung over your shoulder. Handbags can be used as a means of transporting personal items or as a statement piece. Some handbags include external or internal compartments that button or zip shut to keep things like money, keys, or lip balm secure.

Previously, the term “purse” only referred to small bags used to hold currency, but it is now frequently used interchangeably with “handbag,” which normally refers to bigger bags designed to carry everyday things. Handbags come in a variety of shapes and materials, such as tote bags, belt bags, casual backpacks, messenger bags, and satchels.

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Handbags of Many Types

Here are some of the most popular handbag styles that can be found at any custom handbag manufacturer, as well as the dress codes that they match well with:

Wristlet: A wristlet resembles a clutch in appearance since it is a small, thin, rectangular purse that can only contain a phone, a small wallet, or even a few credit cards. A wristlet, on the other hand, comes with a wrist strap that allows the wearer to retain the wristlet linked to their arm even when not holding it like a clutch. Wristlets are ideal for black-tie events and dating nights.

Bag Tote: A tote bag is similar in shape to a slouchy bag, but it is generally made of cotton or a thinner canvas. Totes are casual bag that is widely used for shopping and errands.

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Slouchy Bag: A slouchy bag (also known as a hobo bag) is an unstructured, open bag with two carrying handles. Slouchy bags are frequently available in large sizes to accommodate a wide range of products. These enormous bags are suitable for casual usage (particularly as a beach bag because they can typically contain towels) or business casual use; however, they are typically too large and unstructured for formal business clothing or evenings out.

Satchel: A satchel is a messenger bag’s near cousin, with a flap that fastens over the top and a long shoulder strap. A satchel, on the other hand, is often thinner and less structured than a regular messenger bag. Satchels are a popular choice for casual errands and business casual clothing.

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Messenger Bag: A messenger bag is a rectangular bag with a long shoulder strap for carrying across the body or over one shoulder with a flap that fastens over the top. This bag was originally meant for couriers to use in the transfer of big items, but it has since become a classic accessory in a casual setting. Messenger bags are ideal for both professional and leisure occasions (to carry work essentials and laptops).

The Duffel Bag: A duffel bag (sometimes called a duffle bag) is a big, unstructured bag that is ideal for overnight stays or travel. It typically has two top handles and one long strap that allow it to be worn as a shoulder bag. This bag is often constructed of canvas for durability and is a more casual alternative for folks traveling for leisure rather than business or a formal function.

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Drawstring Bag: A drawstring bag is a sort of casual bag made of cloth or nylon with an unstructured inside, a drawstring closing at the top, and straps that may be slung over your shoulders. These bags are best suited for casual everyday usage and errands.

Doctor’s Bag: A modern doctor’s bag is called after a wide, rectangular bag that doctors used to carry essential care in the 19th and 20th centuries. Because this bag is primarily about utility, it’s generally big and robust, with a flat bottom. Doctor’s bags, like barrel bags and duffel bags, serve similar functions, providing ample capacity for clothing and travel requirements or overnight stays with a touch more formality than a duffel bag for these situations.

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Clutch: A clutch is a tiny, thin bag without a handle that is carried by the wearer. A clutch bag is a go-to handbag for formal occasions ranging from cocktail to black tie to white tie, and it is available in a range of shapes (including the classic envelope clutch). Larger clutches can also hold computers, making them an excellent choice for a business laptop bag.

Crossbody Bag: One of the most popular and adaptable bags is the crossbody bag. The bag has a long shoulder strap that may be worn over your shoulder or your body (hence its name). Crossbody bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including the saddlebag (a horseshoe-shaped bag with a flap cover) and bucket bag. Crossbody bags look great with business casual, formal casual, and casual clothing. This bag style is inappropriate for formal gatherings and occasions.

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Bucket Bag: A bucket bag, so named because of its bucket form, features a drawstring closure at the top and is ideal for transporting a range of objects. Bucket bags look best with business casual, smart casual, or casual outfits.

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Belt Bag: A belt bag is a hands-free handbag that wraps around your waist and snaps shut with a buckle. Belt packs are more structured, adaptable, and formal than the ultra-casual fanny pack. They may be a fun, informal way to carry items when out and about during the day. Drape the belt bag around a dress or other formal casual wear for a night out with pals in the evening (or a date). This bag style is not suitable for business casual clothes since it cannot accommodate work items such as laptops.

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