Handbag Etiquettes: What Should you Know About them?

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  • December 7, 2021

There is something really satisfying about seeing stylish, powerful women walk around in confidence in both private and public spheres. They may not always be a style icon, a celebrity, they could be your relative or a teacher but the way they carry themselves never fails to leave a lasting impression on you. There is something about them which seems classic. Everything they do makes them come off as charming and self disciplined in a way that feels long-last. It’s probably because they have got good etiquettes. But apart from the basic ones, did you know that there are even etiquettes surrounding your handbag?

Watch your Back!

Anyone who had been in a store during a sale of bags knows the displeasure of being hit by someone’s overstuffed bag. Yes it is something which you just ignore because accidents happen, but it should be avoided as much as possible. Handbag etiquettes say that bags should be kept close to the body.

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Know the Right Way

You should never place your clutch purse in your underarm. Both the American/British Beaumont etiquette and the French Academic De Bernadac recommend that you hold a clutch in front of you with both hands with your fingers facing downwards or in one hand by your side. If you are a business owner reading this blog and wondering how to get hold of wholesale designer handbags in bulk then hurry and get in touch with a reputed bag manufacturer in USA now, delivering premium quality bags in great prices!

Have a Good Posture

The most elegant accessory of all is having a good posture. It makes you look taller and slimmer, helps you breathe better and shows that you are a confident person who’s got it all under control. When it comes to carrying shoulder bags, etiquettes demand that you grasp the center of the front strap while you are in motion.

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Get Ready for Pleasantries

Always hold your handbags in your left arm/hand. This will leave your dominant hand free for waves and handshakes. Doing this also keeps you from slowing down during quick interactions and your bag from feeling too cumbersome.

No Snooping!

Etiquettes advisors highly recommend ladies to use their purses to protect their modesty. It has a lot to do with preventing wardrobe malfunctions like you can set it in front of an exposed thigh to divert wondering eyes if your short dress rides up.

Bags that Match the Dress Code

Now this one might be pretty obvious but your handbag is suppose to match the dress code of an event. Bags and satchels made of raffia aren’t for the perfect formal wear just as overly embellished bags should never be your choice for professional work environments. You should place your bag on an empty chair instead of on the back of the chair, tabletop, floor where it can obstruct the server’s path when heading out for an evening dinner engagement.

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