Four Important School Backpack Rules: How Kids Should Carry Them

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  • November 15, 2022

Kids’ school backpacks these days come in all kinds of interesting designs and different sizes, and shapes. One of the most noted school backpack manufacturers offers a large collection of trendy yet functional, cool yet comfortable bulk school backpacks!

Today, what most parents want to know is ‘which is the correct way to wear a school backpack?’.

Many children leave their homes early in the morning with their backpacks packed with not just course books and notebooks but other add-on items for different sports, and recreational tasks. Each and everything that is required at the school is carried by them on their young, growing shoulders and spines. Studies have shown that there are kids who suffer from severe back aches.

Are you a parent who frequently searches the net for effective solutions to this problem? If so, by the end of this blog, you will know how to help your kid deal with it. Just read on.

Go for the Comfy Two-Shoulder Straps

Get your child a school backpack that comes with soft, cushioned two straps. Don’t go for the narrow straps. Wide straps will distribute the weight evenly. This will lessen the pressure on their tender shoulders. Today, kids are concerned more about fashion and less about comfort, thus ignoring their health. Ask them not to hang it on one shoulder but carry it properly.

The School Backpack Should Sit High and Not Low

Nowadays, school backpacks come with adjustable shoulder straps, so tell your child to adjust them so the pack sits high on their back and it can be comfortable on the shoulders. As most of the time, kids don’t bother adjusting them, the backpack goes down their waist, leading to health issues later.

An Organized Packing

Books, water bottles, sports items and accessories, lunch for the day, etc make a heavy backpack. Nevertheless, these are the essentials for school as well. A tip would be to ask your child to store the heavier stuff in the large compartments which would be close to your child’s back and would be easy to carry. This evenly distributes the weight and puts less stress on the shoulders of your child. To store particular items, most school backpacks these days come with separate sections such as side water bottle pockets and laptop sleeves.

That’s the Best Fit!

When you are buying the backpack, never get confused between an adult’s bag and a child’s backpack, since they are constructed differently. Make sure that the size is perfect for your kid. Remember, while the bottom of the backpack should end just above the top of the hip bones, the top should rest 2-5 cm below the top of the shoulder. It’s better if the backpack comes with an additional waist strap, as it can help shift the weight to the hips, thus helping with the shoulder pressure. Additionally, the waist strap prevents the swaying of the backpack while running or playing.

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