Features To Look For In The Best Winter Sleeping Bags For 2021

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  • May 18, 2021

There are high chances that people will be planning a trip to the countryside this winter season. It means hiking, camping overnight in the wilderness, and exploring unknown territories. In this case, a winter sleeping bag is super essential to be packed for the trip. Therefore, if you want to offer your customers a premium collection of sleeping bags, then make sure to contact the best sleeping bag manufacturers in the USA. Meanwhile, read on the blog for more details on the same.

broad top sleeping bag

  1. Generally, the sleeping bags will be one of the four heaviest items in the backpack, so it’s critical to strike a balance between warmth and weight. Oasis Bags has the best ultralight sleeping bags like the broad top sleeping bag which has a premium equipment revelation quilt of 10°. These are perfect because it is also equipped with padded insulation that will provide adequate warmth as well.
  2. Mummy bags work better in cold and windy conditions because they trap body heat more efficiently and they’re less drafty. The lemony down sleeping bag is one such example that consists of quilts that provide a better warmth-to-weight ratio by cutting out the material and insulation that’s normally compressed under the body of the customer in a mummy bag. The quilts are perfect for providing enough warmth. These sleeping bags are available in a plethora of unique colors that range from neons to camouflage as well.
  3. The down insulation sleeping bags are perfect as it has a better warmth-to-weight ratio and packs down smaller. Down bags also last longer than synthetic bags if taken care of properly. Synthetic bags are often heavier and bulkier than down bags, but they tend to cost less and retain heat a bit better when wet. In our opinion, down bags are typically better performers, so they make up the majority of our recommendations. You can find the best collection of down bags at the online store of oasis bags that are equipped with the required features as well.

mattress style sleeping bag

The popular manufacturer has a premium collection of sleeping bags that you cannot afford to miss. You can check out Mattress Style Sleeping Bag, petite sleeping bags, waterproof sleeping bags, etc. available in the expansive catalog. These are offered for discounted wholesale rates as well.

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