Factors that Determine How to Wear a Backpack Correctly

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  • October 29, 2021

Carrying backpacks seem to be somewhat of an easy process that doesn’t require too much of thinking, isn’t it? No hard and fast rule is there on where a backpack should be placed on your back. The reason for this is the varying anatomies of humans. But then there are a number of factors that you should keep in mind before buying one out of the wholesale backpacks.

So which is the right place for the backpack to sit on your back and what determines its position? Read on.

The Waist Belt Positioning

When you are wondering about where your backpack should be placed, make sure to consider the position of the waist belt. See to it that the belt is not too low or else there will be too much pressure on the pelvis. But, if the belt is too high then it will be hard for you to breathe. The waist belt should always be about an inch above the iliac crest.

The Load Strap Positioning

You backpack’s top section is attached to the shoulder straps by the load straps. These straps should be at a standard angle of 45 degrees. However, according to your built, you can deviate by 15 degrees. By pulling the load straps back, always keep the load balanced around your hips.

The Torso Length Positioning

The most essential measurement when deciding where your backpack should sit on your back is the torso length. It is measured from your seventh vertebra to your hip’s level. In order to measure it accurately you will need help from a friend.

The Shoulder Strap Positioning

The next thing in this list to look at when determining where your backpack should be when sitting on your back is the position of the shoulder strap. This might be a bit difficult so in order to get it right, you can just stand in front of the mirror and ensure that your backpack’s shoulder straps align perfectly with your upper back and shoulders.

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