Clean Up The Cosmetic Bag: Which Items To Save And Which Items To Throw Away?

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  • August 18, 2020

If you’re a cosmetics junkie with 10 separate lipsticks in your makeup bag or a minimalist that just uses a small powder and a ChapStick, it’s a must to know what to discard and what to hold every season.

Here are some ideas about how to restore your regular makeup bag from cosmetic bag manufacturer usa:

Simply throw away a disgusting make-up bag. There are a lot of nice and inexpensive makeup bags that you can use to keep your cosmetics safe. Your luggage will be quick to transfer from one suitcase to another. Tip: Use a lighter bag to carry fewer beauty items around — just the basics of daily life, such as a scent sample, lipstick, cover, and mascara.

End up throwing some money from your cosmetics bag in your purse. Don’t keep any germ-infested things in your makeup bag, particularly cash. Cash is going to come up against some lipstick in your purse and have it very filthy and full of germs.

Carry the BB or CC cream: Multi-tasking items help spruce up the makeup bag and offer a variety of skin advantages with one purchase. Keep an eye on the expiry dates!

Keep your makeup sponges as well as powder puffs at home. Beauty tools and sponges should never be in your beauty bag unless they’re part of your compact powder or whether you’re flying. Since these special tools are intended to be used wet, they may start to smell bad and pick up some germs as well. It’s better to leave them to dry at home after use.

Carry your beauty brushes but wash them more frequently than not. If you have a brush inside your purse, the most possible situation is that your purse is filthy, filled with your beloved blushes and bronzers. Try washing your brushes every week to get rid of the germs. You should also buy a small blush/powder brush with a makeup cover from a convenience store to keep your bag tidy.

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