Can You Bring a Backpack to an Interview?

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  • April 18, 2023

First impressions matter like anything especially if you will soon be giving an interview for your dream job. You want the recruiters to see you as an able and competent professional and not as a person who shows up as unprepared or unorganized.

Are you wondering whether you can take your backpack to the interview? Of course, you can, however, there are certain rules to follow over here.

Go for a Pack That Keeps Its Shape

Usually, coming with a soft side, backpacks can not keep their shape. They take the form of the things they are holding. But, when it is about an interview, such a pack would not do and you need to choose the one that can keep its shape. It creates a more polished look.

Consider the Post for Which You Are Giving the Interview

You can get away with a more relaxed backpack choice if you are giving an interview for a casual position. However, if it is a post in which you should appear in a dignified manner always while being at your workplace then you need to be cautious and go with a more professional-looking style. One of the most popular backpack manufacturers brings forth a massive inventory of quality, innovative backpacks that can be found in different styles!

Choose the Perfect Backpack Size

Going for an interview, you need to strike a balance and pick a backpack that is neither too small nor too large. The idea is to smoothly carry all your essentials without looking like you are hauling a suitcase.

Pick a Backpack With Multiple Compartments

You would obviously want to appear organized in front of your recruiters, right? And selecting a backpack that comes with multiple compartments can help you do that. Keeping everything sorted in separate compartments can efficiently pack your belongings.

Select a More Professional-looking Pack

Okay, an interview is never a time when you can show how creative you are with funny prints and loud colors in backpacks. Stick to a clean and simple design and more muted colors and soft prints.

Make Sure Your Pack is Clean

If you are using an old pack then make sure it is clean and free of stains and dirt before taking it to an interview. This will show how detail-oriented you are.

What Should Go Inside Your Backpack

Given below is a list of things that you should take to an interview for sure

  • Extra photocopies of your resume
  • A portfolio
  • A notepad and pen
  • A list of references
  • Breath peppermint candies
  • A water bottle

Bringing a backpack to an interview, make sure it is neat and uncluttered. Your backpack should not shout ‘’a school boy or girl’’ at any cost.

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