Can Gift Bags Speak Your Heart’s Language?

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  • August 1, 2022

Books and romantic movies have been quoting time and again that love is in the air! But do you feel why can’t you smell its sweetness? Are you too shy to profess your love? What is cluttering your mind? Are you not sure of your feelings or your inflated ego is acting as the grumpy grandpa? Do you feel gray clouds can pop up from nowhere if you come up with your feelings? Stop bogging down your mind with a series of questions. Love in its varied shades has blanketed our lives in some way or the other. We will guide you as to how to go about professing your love to the man of your dreams (read who is making you go weak on your knees)!

Yes, you read it right, we are talking about a woman expressing her feelings! If women can flaunt hairy armpits, outshine or be on par with men in the corporate world, business world, sports arena, and more, can get hooked to the gaming world, crave spicy sex moves as men do, be an able daughter shouldering responsibilities just like men in the family do (well, we get it, we are not going too much into feministic slogans) but you know just speaking the truth- a woman can definitely express love for her man (when she feels it fit, not giving a f*** to anybody else but her inner-self)

Just think once…


One Heart Skips a Beat for Another (and it never checks the gender)

Yes, we are talking about making the first move. There are so many stories attached to it, some people say a yay while others say a NAY when it comes to a woman making the first move! But what’s the harm in doing so? Life revolves around B, C, and D-  If you consider B as Birth, D as Death, and C as Choice- with confidence in your stride and by keeping your conscience intact, you can make the right CHOICE! Do you know men find it irresistible if a woman makes the first move? Yes, gotcha!


Why Gift Anybody Anything? – Let Your Gift Bags Speak of Your Heart’s Language

quotes on gift bags

  • It is the thought behind what you are gifting to him that matters, money alone does nothing!
  • It is the effort that you put in to know his likes and dislikes which counts
  • It is the urge to gift him the best (within your means, liking, and preferences) which makes a gift special.
  • It is your vision of yours that opening up a specific gift will make him smile which is valued at a million dollars.
  • It is the warmth that goes inside wrapping a gift that adds the ‘wow’ factor to a gift!


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So the situation is? You want to pour your heart out to the man whom you love….(whether you are infatuated, have just soaked your feet in troubled waters, or acting hopelessly romantic, we will find that out later) let’s a comeback to the scenario that you want to say it loud, quirky or poke fun in the romantic bone – some quotes embossed on the gift bag can be the deal-maker in such a situation.

Read on!


Quotes to Write on a Gift Bag to Ensure Gift Bags Speak Your Heart’s Language

  1. Was thinking of getting inked ….. should I go for initials?
  2. Do I really know you? – let this gift say!
  3. The way you touch me with your eyes, may this gift hug you with that same warmth
  4. Open it now! Can’t wait any longer! :p
  5. You complete me, but this will complete your tonight’s party look 😀
  6. Red is sexy, don’t believe me, but believe your eyes!
  7. Cute coffee dates may be in the pipeline… do you also feel the same?
  8. Can I buy you a drink on our first date? – I also earn! 😀
  9. I am goofy, but I hope I did not goof up this time!
  10. What’s inside must excite you. we will redefine excitement later on!:p
  11. If this gift bag had legs, it would have run into your wardrobe long back!
  12. Hug me tight right now, I promise fun is in store!
  13. Want some fun in life? Redeem happiness now!😊
  14. It’s sizzling hot inside! Oh sorry, you will look sizzling hot wearing this!
  15. A part of me is inside, don’t you want to find that out?
  16. Let the party begin! – first, see what’s in store!
  17. Don’t make much noise- just get in! 😀
  18. It’s unique like you and it’s not cheesy! 😀
  19. Just waitttt…. Now break into laughter! Keep huffing and puffing!
  20. Don’t put your head much inside, surprise will punch you hard!


So this goes out to all the business owners stocking gift bags in their stores. Source some top-quality bags in the best of colors, and styles from one of the renowned customized gift bags manufacturers. The process of spreading smiles, love, and positivity from the moment somebody checks out the gift bags must get easy and free-flowing. The wow quotes on the gift bags can be mood-lifters, motivating, pleasing to the heart, and more for the romantically -inclined target customers. So get on the hunt for finding a bag manufacturer of repute and place your bulk order. Enjoy handsome deals on bulk purchases!


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