Beginners Guide for Backpacking: Gears You Need 2021

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  • March 1, 2021

This article is all about backpacking 101 to aid you to plan and get ready for your first overnight backpacking journey. As a novice backpacker, several questions are perhaps swirling through your mind. What gear do I require? Where must I go? Do I require a permit? What must I eat? Here, we will address the number one question that everyone has in mind: what to bring to a backpacking trip?

Possibly the most important part of wilderness backpacking 101 is for novice backpackers to nail down before the first overnighter is the packing list. Begin early and do a bit of study, as backpacking gear can be costly, and you may want to reach out to buddies to borrow their gear or look into purchasing used gear. Another amazing way to go about this is to work out what gear you need beforehand so you have time to keep an eye on sales via your much-loved outdoor brands and stores, and then snag the gear you’re eyeing at a cut-price.

Backpacking Pack

A correctly-fitting backpack from dealers of wholesale hiking backpacks means greater functionality overall, comfort, and even weight distribution, and it’s absolutely something you wish to get right as a novice backpacker. You’ll also want to factor in the length of your journey, activities you’re doing, climate to know which pack is the top one for you.

Backpacking Tent

Even though this is a big-ticket thing, selecting the proper backpacking tent is important to have a nice journey. Your tent will take a real thrashing in the elements so you don’t have to. When choosing the proper one, bear in mind that a nice tent must be simple to set up or break down, weather-proof, durable, and lightweight. Stick around 3-4 pounds and practice both setting up as well as packing it down before you spend your first night outdoors.

Sleeping Pad

Sleeping pads are crucial for both warmth and comfort. They come in a myriad of sizes and styles, also certain features that work better for specific outdoor activities. As a novice backpacker, you’ll want to go for a lightweight, cushioned pad that packs down small and holds up to a few wear and tear.

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Sleeping Bag

The finest choice when selecting a sleeping bag for a backpack is a semi-rectangular shaped or lightweight mummy shape sleeping bag. Like sleeping pads, a cozy insulated sleeping bag is very essential for staying comfy outdoor.

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