Beauty Essentials Every Girl Needs At The Office

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  • August 28, 2018

As we increasingly spend more time in our workplaces, they are slowly becoming our second homes. With so many of us going to the gym, meeting up our friends or attending other social events straight from the office desks, having a few make up essentials in our drawer has become a must. Hence this blog is written keeping in mind the few important things a woman will need to keep in her office cosmetic bag that will help her multitask like a pro!

Hand Cream

Most offices are air conditioned which makes skin dry. Our hands suffer the most because we are likely to use hand dryers after we wash our hands when we are at work. Thankfully, this is nothing to worry about as you can simply keep a hand cream in your drawer and apply it any time you feel your hands are a bit on the dry side.

Dry Shampoo

If you have an event after work, or you love going to the gym during your lunch break, it’s a good idea to keep a bottle of dry shampoo in your desk. Simply spray it on to your roots to refresh those strands. The dry shampoo will soak up all of the excess oils and prevent the roots from getting greasy – it’s perfect to use between hair washes too.

Hand Sanitizer

If you commute to work or don’t always have time to give your hands an extra wash – antibacterial hand sanitizer can prove to be very useful. Remember, don’t use hand gel as an alternative to washing your hands, and rather use it in times when soap and water are out of reach.

Deodorant and Your Favourite Scent

It’s handy to have a small bottle of your favorite scent in your drawer or you can put some perfume samples in there instead just in case you have to run to an event straight after work, or you have an important meeting to attend. This doesn’t mean that you need to spray a lot of it, a light spritz of perfume can boost your mood as well as confidence.

Oil Sheets and Face Wipes

We all have days when we need to take our makeup off and feel fresh-faced. This is why face wipes can really useful. They also are a lifesaver if you are not happy with your makeup and you just want to start over. Oily skin in particular can get really shiny in an air-conditioned office, so oil sheets can be really helpful to keep the unwanted glow at bay.

Lip balm with added SPF

Just like skin, your lips can get dry and dehydrated. Your skin produces natural oils throughout the day to help it stay hydrated, while your lips don’t. Another reason you can get chapped lips easily is not protecting them from the sun’s harmful rays. Luckily, all you need to do is have a lip balm with added SPF handy, either in your desk drawer or in your bag.

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