Bag Styles that Every Man Must have on his Shoulder

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  • December 20, 2021

These are all necessary, from weekenders to cross-body bags.

Please excuse the broad generalization, but we’re betting your father was annoyed by the quantity of bags your mother carried. While he carried the same worn duffle man bag for everything, your mother crammed weekenders, clutches, purses, and shoppers into prime real estate at the bottom of the wardrobe.

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What do you think? Mother was correct. Depending on where you’re going, what you’re hauling, and who will be with you along the route, you’ll need different sorts of men’s luggage. The same is true for all accessories, such as sneakers and watches. A rotation, if not a full-fledged collection, is required.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of different sorts of bags from bag manufacturers in Canada for guys to bring home after their next shopping excursion.

Beach Bags

We’re not sure when the beach became a runway show, but swim shorts are now as well-tailored as your formal wear. Can’t your accessories be letting the (sea)side down?

The finest beach bags for guys will hold everything from sandwiches to a change of clothing, and because they are generally large, they may be the first thing people notice. As a result, stick to beach-friendly color combinations like white and blue.

Laptop Case

Unless you’re fortunate enough to own a high-end watch, chances are your laptop is the most costly item you carry with you. With that in mind, having it safe and secure is not something to be taken lightly, making an all-singing, all-dancing laptop bag indispensable.

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A man’s bag, on the other hand, is not only necessary for preserving your computer, but it may also function as an extension of your appearance. Choosing fashionable baggage to store your laptop might assist to complement your attire or even liven up a dull business uniform.

Messenger Bags

Until recently, messenger men’s bags were associated with paperboys and messy middle-aged commuters. Designers, on the other hand, are currently obsessed with making once-uncool-but-practical objects cool again.

As a result, the contemporary messenger bag retains its functionality while also adding some elegance. You can now personalize this sort of bag to your style, making it ideal for lugging computers, files, and the occasional lunchbox while leaving your hands free. From bold branding to norm core commuter, throwback sportswear to luxurious leather, the message is clear.

Cross-Body Bags

For everyone who believes streetwear is all pretentious hype and/or pricey irony, here’s an uncomfortable truth:

The cross-body bag is most likely the most useful everyday men’s bag on our list. Unless you’re carrying a laptop or exercise equipment, the item once known as a bumbag is ideal for what most of us carry around these days: a wallet, keys, and phone.

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True, the cross-body bag offers a spark of unexpectedness to an ensemble, at least while it’s still new. However, now that designers are discovering ways to mix them with anything from tracksuits to tailoring, the big bet is on this sort of bag approaching the ubiquity of the backpack.

Gym Bags

Whether you’re an experienced lifter or a first-time spin-class attendee, it’s all too easy to come up with excuses not to go to the gym. Things as insignificant as being unable to locate matching socks or not having enough battery life on your phone might feel like a cue to give up. So, whatever you do, don’t use a torn, moth-bitten gym bag as an excuse to stay in bed.

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A strong man bag is required to get your towel, trainers, and protein from the workplace to the free weights in one piece. Another important weapon in your battle is to release the rippling abs and walnut-crushing glutes that you know are lying somewhere beneath there.


There’s a stereotype of a bowler-hatted British gentleman holding a smoking pipe, a newspaper, a briefcase, and an umbrella all at once. To be sure, it’s an old-fashioned kind of men’s bag. His leathery receptacle, on the other hand, is as pertinent as ever.

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A reliable briefcase is a city worker’s greatest buddy. It’s clever, it’s practical, and if you get a decent one, there’s no reason it shouldn’t last a lifetime. Besides, nothing spoils a Bond-like vibe like a huge bag thrown over the shoulders of your suit jacket, so this elegant alternative is the ideal complement to tailoring.

Weekend Bags

You can’t arrive at your leased castle without an obscenely nice weekender tucked in your Jaguar F-limited Type’s trunk space. Of course, they also labor for train rides to see their parents. Whatever your intentions for the weekend, a weekend men’s bag portrays a guy of taste and leisure, not to mention pragmatism when it comes to bringing adequate underwear. It doesn’t have to dwell beneath the bed between travels because it’s ideal for storing a compact capsule wardrobe and travel needs. A duffle or holdall, on the other hand, may be utilized as a hybrid work and gym bag daily.

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Tote Bags

The tote bag, which sits on the sliding scale of formality between a briefcase and a backpack, is spacious enough to hide your stinky gym gear / stolen hard drive, yet stylish enough that you could still be papped by a wandering street style photographer. This beach bag, work bag, and shopping bag in one have a flexible, easy-access design. Unfortunately, it’s also the one style on our list that will elicit a “great handbag, buddy” from at least one of your buddies.

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Business owners and retailers make sure to contact a reliable bag manufacturer Australia if you want to expand the accessory section of your retail business.

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