The Backpack Manufacturers Bring in Fashionable Collection for College Going Girls

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  • November 24, 2017

The college going girls regard the backpacks as the customary accessory, and this is the reason they love to sport them in various styles and designs. The wholesale houses put their effort to bring in the most innovative backpack collections to help the retailers spruce up their store stocks, too. These backpacks are convenient to carry, spacious and also come in fashionable stances to offer a very stylish look to the pepped up, spunk-loaded girls.

Here are some of the latest styles brought in by the reputed wholesale backpack manufacturers this year.

The cute mini backpacks

There are days in college when you have an event and you don’t have to carry the bulky books and the laptop. These days are perfect to carry the cute mini backpacks that are minimally designed and come in a very simple yet colorful essence. Such mini candy-hued bags are just so hot and trendy!

The millennial pink style

Girls love pink, and hence the leading wholesale bags manufacturer have introduced the newest range of pink backpacks, be it the soft pink ones, or the head turning magenta backpacks. They look quite edgy with simple lines, durable straps and reinforced seams. A great way to add dollops of style to one’s look and take the style sense to the next level!

The faux leather backpacks

From being easy to clean to low maintenance, the faux leather backpacks are quire convenient for regular rough usage by the college girls. They come in various colors and have a definite shine and shimmer to offer. These backpacks are very sturdy, too.

The posh leather backpacks

The sheen and softness of the real leather backpacks are irreplaceable. They are sophisticated and you need to have them maintained properly to avoid any damage. They are not exactly for regular usage, but you can carry them for special college occasions.

The luxurious velvet backpacks

To add a flair to your outfit you can carry the velvet backpacks that come in different bright color schemes and also look very appealing. Whether for sporting a gorgeous look or a graceful, sophisticated look, these backpacks are just ‘wow’!


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