Are Bucket Bags in Fashion in 2024?

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  • May 31, 2024

Oversized or mini, slung casually over the shoulder or clutched by the strap, private label bucket bags are back! The silhouettes that are getting the most attention right now, strike the perfect balance between structured and slouchy. While a famed Spanish luxury fashion house introduced the pebble style that comes in leather and suede, a popular Italian high fashion women’s apparel and accessory brand has brought them in a drawstring canvas pouch look that is the ultimate summer companion.

These bags have quite an interesting history. To safely hold and transport champagne bottles, Graston-Louis Vuitton carefully designed the Noe bucket bag, upon request in 1932.

In the modern day, these bags with their signature monogram leather have become one of the most admired styles. Fashion-forward women all around the world are in love with them.

Have you ever wondered why is it called a bucket bag? It is simply because they look like a bucket and come with a wide base. Generally, they are tall with a deep interior and a rough cylindrical shape, closed utilizing a drawstring. Its open top lets you easily get things out of it and the wide space can carry a lot of things.

Why Do Women Have a Soft Corner for Them?

These bags are like a perfect partner that can go with various styles. Some designs even display two to three straps so that the silhouettes can be adjusted to different lengths to be worn smartly. Whether you want to wear it as a fashionable crossbody and shoulder bag or carry it as a handbag, the shape can go with any ensemble perfectly.

Practicality has always been their main feature, right since they were first created. Be it for daily purposes or a weekend getaway, they are a great choice for their roomy interior. The drawstring closure makes it super smooth to access the phone and keeps everything safe. With them, you won’t have to dig around for hours, searching for a simple thing.

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Trending Designs of Bucket Bags This Year

These bags are available in numerous designs. Take a look at a few most trending ones given below:

  1. Bucket bags in block-printing detailed designs or hand-painting are one of the most popular styles. They are often crafted out of luxurious fabrics that offer a long-lasting base for the artwork. You can see the surface of the bag decked up with nature-inspired, intricate designs that add an artistic touch to your bag collection.
  2. Embroidered pouch-styled bucket bags are something. They look beyond beautiful. For their unique fusion of tradition and modern fashion, they have gained huge popularity. These bags often feature intricate embroidery, bold colors, and great tassel details. They are statement pieces that can uplift any outfit.
  3. Tote-style bucket bags, blending the spaciousness of a tote with a bucket’s chic design, are fashionable and functional. Perfect for daily use, they come with ample storage space. These bags also feature adjustable straps and many interior pockets and compartments. To help the bags maintain their shape, they are also designed with a structured or reinforced base.
  4. Raffia weave bucket bags are a must-have for you if you like a touch of natural elegance. They are made of synthetic materials (or sometimes with woven palm leaves) and offer a fashionable yet laidback vibe. These bags are great for picnics, beach outings, or for adding a summery flair to your ensembles. Though it’s an everyday accessory, it can also be dressed up for more formal events.

Bucket Bags – Best for Which Season?

As their minimal look can be dressed up or down, they shine in every season. Whether in light, flirty prints, or dark colors, the iconic bucket bags radiate style. The best part about it? Most bucket bags feature minimal logos and don’t sport signature patterns which can take away the spotlight from the wearer carrying it.

So, in conclusion, it can be said that they are not going out of style anytime soon. Though they can be called the most appropriate for spring, their timeless shape can be flaunted even in the winter.

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